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Image Cleanup Update (WEB-4587)


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Thanks very much for this work.  However I still have an item that shows in my Marketplace Store that doesn't even exist in my Marketplace Inventory anymore.  When will this be removed?

The link text is below, but it will take you to the main page since it is not a real listing, yet it still shows in my store with an incorrect picture.

Listing Link:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Loks-Livingroom-Set-Cherry-w-Suede-Low-Prim-LOW-PRIM-FURNITURE/1403627

Image Link: https://d1ij7zv8zivhs3.cloudfront.net/assets/2149623/view_small/82b328c9751810248bfbba516a443f76.jpg?1285354562

On my storefront  , if you organize by date (oldest to newest), it is the third item shown and it is very obvious that the image is incorrect.  I hope that this will be resolved soon as well.




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ok thanks for the update

i still have one pic that doesnt belong to me ... what do i do with that ?

and for the one where you deleted the pics.. what do we do wtih them... ? they are still listed.. without wrong images, indeed, but still listed and we dont want them anymore.... but we cant delete them ... so ?

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I have been following the "incorrect images" JIRA and it was closed today.  It instructs to file new JIRAs for the items that aren't actually listed/still show/still have incorrect images:

""CommerceTeam Linden resolved WEB-4587.


    Resolution: Fixed

This has been completed. See this post for more details: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Image-Cleanup-Update-WEB-4587/td-p/1982379.

Note that if you still see listings in your store which are deleted or unlisted, that is a separate issue. Please file a BUG jira so we can review.""
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Absolutely nothing has changed in my store - same issues as presented on Page 2 of this thread.  I still cannot post an image to one of my items and I still have two duplicates of other items.

When I just checked - another merchant's image was on YET ANOTHER of my items, previously unaffected.  Fortunately, I was able to delete it and repost the correct one.

ETA: Created a jira, for whatever that is worth.

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What a weird saga this has been. Luckily for me, not too many listings were affected. Only one item out of 280 had been affected, and was mentioned in the JIRA, all that time ago. Then I received the long awaited email from LL, saying they'd located the wrong images, and could I confirm them. They listed 4 items that had never actually been affected. But yes, they fixed the unbroken ones, and I can't complain about that. But they sent a stock-standard email a few weeks ago letting me know several items had been delisted from my store. It was anybody's guess which ones and why, but after an hour wasted checking, I guessed it was probably the imaginary listings. Then this morning a proud email stating that all was fixed. And the JIRA is resolved. Oh huzzah.

But the original issue is still a problem. I still have someone else's ugly misfitting image blighting my store, and LL cannot see it. I can't delete it. It is still an issue from March 2012.

I'm sorry for the people who've had have this happen to a significant number of their listings. To me it's only a mild and wryly humourous thing. But I know others are much more inconvenienced.


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Sera Lok wrote:

That sucks Czari... Guess we should all check all our listings then to see if they have been newly affected somehow

Thanks Sera.  The new image that showed up (that I was fortunately able to correct) says to me that some images are still floating around and managing to attach themselves to another merchant's store.

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How dare you close the Jira saying its fixed .....while its not fixed !!!!!!!!!

where did you learn that smth can be called fixed while its not ?????

you just started the fix, you didnt complete it !

so here is the first page of my mp classified from oldest to newest : 

market place.jpg

As you can see... 3 items that does not exist in my listing are still remaining. no link for product page, so i cant delete them.

fortunately.. you removed the ugly pictures but... i dont want either a wrong listing , with or without pics.. this items have been deleted from my mp since more than 1 year now!!!!

on the second line... the first one..... still wrong picture ! and still wrong listing that i cant delete.

Please, before saying the jira is fixed.... just, just  fix really the pb.... just this... we are not asking for anything else... just fix your mess pls...

1 month ago, Dakota, said to me the fix was in 2 phases.. first you delete the pics, second you delete the wrong listing...ive believed what she said.... and this morning, i just wake up and see you claim its fixed while i dont see its fixed on my mp.

there is more than 1 year that this bug happened.... we have been patient.... we are even not the cause of the but, but your system is... and well today you say its fixed...while its not... 


ETA : for sure, i will keep following your great advices and loose my time filling a new JIRA.... that you will close soon saying its a duplicate, unless you close it sayint its fixed while its not...this starts to be a really boring game.

ETA 2 : here is my JIRA : https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MATBUG-109 Feel free to close it saying its a duplicate or saying its fixed while its not (this is called lie ).. Enjoy !

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Czari Zenovka wrote:

I just tried to access the two jira links and got a "Violation" message. Gah!

Edit: Clarify

well yes, girly, you know... now its between every of us and LL... Division is always a great solution for the power...

so now i dont stop to recieve emails from the jira... i dont understand even the purpose... but well they probably think that as long im recieving updates (whatever they make sense or not) ill will feel better...

the mails are just copy and paste of my jira with this : 


   Résumé: MKT Store: Deleted Listings appearing in store  (a été: MKT Store: Deleted Listings showing up on store front)

i guess they are linking my jira with another one...

but this is just the 3rd email im recieving within 1 hour lol....

i hope they wont keep linking my jira to every other duplicate and tell me everytime.. i knew since the start there will be duplicates.. so i knew it will be linked... i thought they would choose one for being the roots and so link all other ones to this one.. but seeing the emails now... im just aknowledging that they are so bad for jira uses than for market place managing....

so well, now my mailbox will be spamed by the jira... 

every day a new fun with ll....:smileywink:

and in the meantime, i just checked my mp store and nothing has been fixed... of course!

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well this is totally a guess lol

im looking at my jira..

CommerceTeam Linden a effectué des modifications - Aujourd'hui 7:06 PM
Résumé still 1 wrong pic displayed on my market place + the 3 for wich the pic has been finally removed cant be deleted from my listing. MKT Store: Deleted Listings showing up on store front
CommerceTeam Linden a effectué des modifications - Aujourd'hui 7:06 PM
Résumé MKT Store: Deleted Listings showing up on store front MKT Store: Deleted Listings appearing in store


maybe this mean they are currently working on my MP and maybe the wrong items are kinda resistant ones lol


idk at all... honnestly i dont understand at all what this mean lol... but i wouldnt be surprise if my wrong listing are the resistant type lol... it does happen to me everytime for everything lol.. so im used.... 

well just laughing and guessing hehehehhe.. 

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I received a flurry of emails re: my jira beginning last night and continuing through today as well.  A few seemed just to be duplicates.  Finally I got one that stated more info was needed; I provided the info and haven't received an email update since so *maybe* they're working on it.

In the meantime:

*Opens bottle of vintage champagne and starts handing it around the Merchant Forum*

Can't hurt, eh? ;)

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Why should we have to clean up your error. Some of us do not play SL as much any more for any number of issues. When I posted those items I expected them to be left alone. You should take down the photos your system messed up. It should not be left up to me. When I first posted my listing it was correct.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Dear Commerce Linden, I'm going to say this one more time since apparently the "update" you added on this thread was supposed to solve all my problems?..... :smileyfrustrated: There are 3 listings currently showing up on my marketplace, they say they are items from my old store BloodAppleKiss. However, those items are not in my listings in merchant home so therefore I can not remove them manually or edit them in anyway. I recieved the email and put in that the images were not my images. LL did change the images on the listings so some other images which are also not mine and one of them is a porn image.... Humorious in away because I feel LL has trolled me but to some of my customers it is very offensive and I hope it will one day be removed.. If any testing is needed on a marketplace page USE MINE! I give full permission to have my marketplace used as a tester if it would help speed up the poccess of the remove of these non exsistant listings. 

Here is my marketplace. When you organize it oldest to new you will see the top 3 listings say BloodAppleKiss and all 3 have images that are not mine and the listings don't exsist anywhere and "I" have no way of editing them or removing them myself. Thank you.  

AngelRED Couture @ Marketplace

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Hey hey people !!! 

breaking news !!!!!!

by total chance i went on my mp page a few minutes ago.

And you know what ????

it's fixed !!!!!!!!!

Totally fixed !!!! All wrong pics are gone !!! not even the last one that remained with a wrong pic and that wasnt in the delete list...

All are gone !! yes yes !!!!!

/me jumps up and down "now its a great occasion to pop up champagne !!!"

i dont think we should say thanks, because it wasnt our fault and the pain lasted for more than one year... but yes.. now im so in good mood because of the fix that, ok.... Thank you Commerce Team Linden.... you only did your job, and with a lot of time late... but you did it !!!! and you did it perfect, at least for my store... so well, i just hope that no more bugs like this wont happens anymore and that you'll be more quick to fix next time...But for now, thanks.

i hope the fix will happen to every other mp stores, if its not yet.


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I was so hopeful when I read your's and Sera's posts so I quickly went over to my store.  Duplicate items with the blank images still there.  :matte-motes-crying:

I *am* happy to hear that you two have the mixed images off your MP stores.  That's progress!  Hopefully they'll get to mine eventually.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3048 days.

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