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Looking for something I don't have yet in SL, excitement!!

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lizbeth2u wrote: 


Since my RL has its demands on my finances I hate to keep spending money in SL

Until I know I fit in.


BTW, what is your opinion on becoming a premium member?  If I had my own home

I could get a Virtual dog. Something I have wanted since I joined SL

I was a premium member for over half of my time in SL and now have been basic for the last couple of years.  The two main reasons I was premium were: 1) When I first began SL I enjoyed the 300L stipend/week.  *IF* one purchases the one-year premium plan the money spent for the plan is basically "recovered" with a year of stipends.  2) Later on I wanted to own land and, with an exception that isn't pertinent here, the only way to own land - and this is speaking of mainland only, not estate land - is to be premium.

The reasons I am not premium now: 1) I now earn enough lindens with my little business to purchase what I want in SL.  2) I currently rent the parcel where I live. I did the math awhile back and it is less expensive to be basic and rent this parcel than it would be if I had a premium account and paid monthly tier on the same land.

In your situation at present, especially since you referenced not wanting to spend a lot of money on SL until you know if you fit in, I recommend remaining basic.  The only way you break even on a premium account is by having the yearly plan that requires an initial outlay of $72.00 - non-refundable if you decide to leave SL a month later.

As for having a home - I have always loved having my own little space in SL.  From your question it sounds like you assume one has to have a premium account to have a home in SL.  Not true.  Premium allows you to live in one of the Linden Lab homes or to purchase a 512 sqm parcel with no monthly tier.  When I began SL I rented a one-room apt. that I absolutely loved.  Over the years I have owned varying amounts of land, sometimes able to have a large home, other times I've owned a 512 sqm (allows 117 prims).  Again, since you are still checking out SL, I recommend renting.  You can rent anything from an apartment - furnished or unfurnished - to parcels of land (like I do) of most any size.  Estates are islands or groups of islands that are owned by SL residents who then rent out apartments, homes, etc.  Most estates have a theme and a more uniform look than mainland so many prefer that type of living experience in SL.

Re: owning a virtual dog - I have 3 VKC (Virtual Kennel Club) dogs that I adore.  I could write an entire post on that alone but suffice it to say that you do not need to own/rent land to have a virtual pet.  VKC owns several lovely dog parks where you not only can interact with the dogs (and now cats & puppies) for sale, but bring your own dog as well.  You know - as I'm thinking of this - that just might be a place for you to meet people.  The VKC dogs have a community of dog-owners.  There is always a trainer at the parks and usually a number of people depending on the day.  I used to be very active with this community and hung out a lot at the parks.  They also offer "training classes" as the VKC dogs have artificial intelligence - another great way to meet people.

Again, I have probably overwhelmed you with info.  I know how I felt when I was new and saw people posting about mainland and estates, buying land vs. renting.  It took me awhile to get it all straight.  Take your time, enjoy and, most of all, have fun!

Edit: Typos

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Hello again Czari

      What a wealth of information you have supplied. Thank you!


I don't have time to fully respond, but wanted to say how much I do appreciate all this information.


And the fact you own VKC dogs :smileyhappy: So good to know someone that has

Them and enjoys them. I have spent time at the parks ( more so in the past than lately)

And just adore sitting and petting them. Once I met an avi horse that was  buying a dog. We did chat and she used voice, and I found out she is like myself from the south. We didn't become friends, but I did enjoy discussing the VKC dogs with her.


I had the impression I needed my own home before I could buy one. In  RL I own a dog and am an avid dog lover  having one in SL would really add joy to my existence while in world.


Sending you a smile with thanks!:smileyhappy:



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Well meeting friends can be a daunting task or an exciting one depending on your additude and how you look at things. I for one find it to be a refreshing addition when you find a freind that works.you seem to have an open mind to whats out there, and will make your journey more fun. I suggest staying away from clubs untill you get a group of friends that like to do that stuff as most peole just stand there and are in ims. There are many rp sims, boxing, racing, and other interactive sims out there ripe for exploring. I can introduce you to a few if your interested. 

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Hi again, Lizbeth.

First, let me offer a generic suggestion: try thinking of your Second Life as an eternal ‘work in progress’... a constant polishing of your ‘SL self’; whether it’s the technical know-how about profile picks (or what to write in them), your shape, your usual attire, your choice of friends and how to deal with them, where to go, what to do and when... whatever; every day you log in is a chance to learn something new to help you perfect any and all of those aspects. I’m several SL years old, and not only am I still learning something new every day, no matter how small... I honestly think that the day there was nothing new for me to learn in SL, would be the day I’d leave for good.

So don’t fret if you think your shape doesn’t feel ‘finished’ yet: there’s a fair chance it will never be truly ‘finished’ because you will always be tweaking it... a bit more here, a bit less there, as your skills improve and your tastes evolve. Don’t worry if you don’t know still how to handle all the SL fauna, from the casual one-day friends to the Casanovas to the truly weirdos (oh, those are the best :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:)... one day you’ll find yourself going all gung-ho on ones while muting others from the get-go with an ease that might horrify you right now... yet even that will be just another step in the foundation of your SL persona. Everything will be.



And now a thought... and as before, excuse me if I sound a bit too much to-the-point and ‘reading between the lines’... just feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


lizbeth2u wrote: [...] I did make one nice friend (taken but very helpful...) [...] Seems I have met a couple of really nice men. But they were both taken [...]

It seems to me as if you consider the marital status of men as a rather important aspect when evaluating them as persons... which makes it hard not to think you’re actively ‘searching’. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that; but from experience I’ll tell you that it tends to ‘lower your bar’ quite a bit: at first you look for that Perfect Prince, after a month you come to the conclusion that all those even remotely approaching that description already have their Princesses, so you start settling for a knight, then a third-rate squire, and before you know it, you’re dating convicts and thinking yourself lucky that they pay you attention the first night.

My point is, even if you’d like to find yourself a real nice gentleman, don’t search for him; don’t even wait for him. Just do your thing, make your Second Life meaningful all by yourself, and if a man shows up that eventually makes it even more meaningful, so much the better; meanwhile, regard everyone as a person first and foremost, so you get to know each one as such, and deeply so, before you start actually caring if it’s a he or a she, and in the former case, if it’s a ‘suitable’ one. Trust me, in the end, that’ll save you a whole lot of disappointments... and in the process you’ll probably make many more friends :smileywink:

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