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Yup Another Family Post ..Sorry!!!!...7 year old seeking roleplaying parents

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Hello All!!!!
I'm 7 years old looking for a family. I love to roleplay and I'm comfortable with semi/para style . I like to emote what I am doing not just let the animations do the work for me. I'm looking for a family that likes do the same. I also like to relax and jus be silly. So a good mixture of both.My adoption card info is below.  I have  panels at NGI & MAW or you can jus contact me here or inworld. THANKS!!! ♥ Victoria Squall


How long have you been a child avatar? ✿For quite awhile now.

What kinds of things do you enjoy doing in SL? ✿I love to roleplay. I attend school, dance, horse riding lessons, and enjoy hanging out with my friends.And of course..Shopping

Is there anything you would like to learn to do? ✿Well I am a kid , so I kinda learn by how my parents act and react to things. ✿Photography would be nice ✿If my parents were designers or blogger s that would also be fun to learn,esp since finding clothes for regular sized kids is so hard now.And I jus created my first blog so tips and pointers always welcomed!

Do you want to grow up, or stay the same age? ✿I'm pretty comfortable being seven.

What is your favorite color? ✿Olive Green ✿But I wear lots of pinks.

Do you have godparents or forever family? ✿Yes, the Ghost family are the in-laws ✿Jenny my forever sister.


Do you attend school? ✿Yes, I attend WES.I'm in 1st grade

Are you a member of any clubs, either in or outside of school?

✿Yes ✿Somersley Sunbeams Girl Scouts

✿Somersley Dance Academy

✿I should be starting horse riding lessons shortly at HVET

✿I would love to start taking gymnastics,buhh I can't find lessons anywhere!

✿I'm also interested in swimming lessons. Would you like your parents to be able to take you to or pick you up from class? Absolutely! I don't know safe it is for me to walk to school by myself. So load me up in your mini van and take me to practices.


What kind of family are you looking for? ✿I'm open to any kinda family dynamic as long as its role-play centered.

Do you mind having brothers and sisters? ✿Im okay being solo or having older siblings like adult or teens.

Do you have any limits on how many brothers/sisters you have? ✿No Kid collectors please

Do you mind having parents that are; Furries? ✿No Thanks ✿

Vampires? ✿ Don't Mind, Just No biting✿

Club owners/managers? ✿ Don't Mind, but don't drag me to a club unless its a kids one✿

Gorean?✿Don't Mind, just don't include me in non PG RP.✿

Content creators?✿Sure Thats Fine✿

New to SL family life?✿We all have to start somewhere ✿

Is there anything specific that you do NOT want under any circumstances?

✿Parents who don't roleplay. I am a role-playing child and would need a family that does the same.

How would you like to spend time with your family?

✿Well Roleplay of course!Pick me up from class and my practices. Bring in fresh baked cookies or cupcakes to class, as a fun surprise. Let me help cook and make kitchen disasters. Camping trips, although I may get fussy if the bugs eat me alive. Family vacation and cook outs. Shopping is always fun, and taking funny photos (I'm still learning SL photography) . Also watching movies, and playing games. Sometimes just sitting around talking and shooting the breeze is all that makes me happy, other times night full of roleplay and random adventures

❤ ****FREESTYLE!! Woohoo!****

 I'd like to get to know you first before starting a trial. I just recently left a family I was with for 5 months. I don't feel comfortable, calling you mommy or daddy after meeting with you for an hour. If you are looking for a realistic kid and want that kinda of parental relationship with someone, the trust has to be built first. Now that all the serious stuff is out of the way....

Hello! I'm Victoria. I'm 7 years old. I attend 1st grade class at WES. I am also a Somersly girl scout and Somserely dance student I think I have horse riding lessons starting soon too. I'm an avid role-player and tend to think I'm pretty realistic. I am in no means perfect, but I am not bad just for the sake of being bad ( although I do make messes and prank a bit). I love olive green. The prettiest color in the world by far!I love to laugh and have random fun. I'm always on the hunt for mesh clothing for regular size kids, and love to check out new roleplay sims and going to random events. I love harry potter and I'm thinking about joining a Hogwarts sim with Noah...Me learning how to do magic will be epic!  My besties are Ariana & Noah. Ariana is my confidant. I can go to her with any issue and she always makes perfect sense. We love to watch movies together, go to auctions and play with pets and explore different sims. We have many plans of robbing banks and being outlaws... all of which have failed so far. And Noah....*shakes head* Well its my soul purpose on this earth to make a Noah into a girlie girl. I infect her room with pink frilly things and purple tutus. Splash her life with glitter and sparkles. And the thanks I get, ... Nada...Oh well such is life I guess. Although I must say I will one day get her into a dress and take many many many photos...even if its the last thing I do.

I ♥ being around funny and fun loving people. I love  love love roleplay. I enjoy shopping taking photos and sometimes I can be completely random. I'm comfortable spending time with my family just being OCC (although even in my OCC I still act 7) and just hanging around being silly.

I just recently took the plunge into Toddleedoo,so I sometimes jump for a reg kids shape to my ToddleeDoo shape depending on what clothes I wanna wear and how I feel. Both look exactly same only ones a a tad bit taller.And of course I'm still the same awesome Victoria ♥

Well thats really all I have for now. If you want to get to know me more,please send me an IM or notecard. Please and thanks! Victoria Squall ♥



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Hello Victoria!

I read your thread and looked at your profile cause you seem to be very cute....and then I suddenly saw some pics and what did I see?....My dog Merlin, the time you made the pics his name was Balto so I knew it is Merlin.:0)

In case you maybe want to meet him again feel free to IM me inworld.I am online in short time and he is actually always around too at this time.I told him that I saw him at your pics and he would be happy to meet you again....funny how small SL is sometimes...

Oh and good luck with your search.

I was looking for kids too and found 2 really nice ones.

Don´t give up hope.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2713 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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