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Stari Adder

non rigged mesh resize problem

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hi guys

I got a trouble----, I have made strap with buckle in blender and imported into sl. I do this for sale and people should be able to resize it with the help of HUD--- the trouble is that strap and buckle are multi faces in one oblect and when I resize it with the hud +10 or -10 or +1 or +5 it gives me bad result. sometimes buckle is not visible at all and goes behind the strap or takes wrong position or the strap resizes and moves to the left or to the right.

hope you have any advices maybe this is something I missed while was creating it in blender (seems like the center of whole object is wrong but I am not sure actually):matte-motes-bashful-cute: your help is much appreciated!

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I honestly don't know if this will fix your problem or not, but if you want to fix the origin do the following:

  - Select the main object that you want everything to follow and press (Shift + s) and select "cursor to selected". This will snap your 3d cursor to the center of your  main object.

 - Then select all parts of the strap and press (ctrl + shift + alt + c) and select "origin to 3d cursor". That will make sure all object origins are in the same spot.

Like I said, I have no idea whether or not that willl fix the problem, but this should be useful for you to know anyway. Let me know how it goes.

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Heya Stari,

Depending on the scripting procedure that is being used in your resizer script, you should try to set the 'origin' (pivot)  
of all objects to the same point in your 3D modeling software. So they will scale along well with each other. And apply
their rotation, scale and location.

To do this try this:
position your strap and the buckle both on the prefered area on the SL avatar.
(or if you modeled them independently from an avatar model just place them somewhere in your 3d viewport)

Select f.i. the strap first and choose : Object > Transform > Origin to Geometry.
(this will snap the pivot point/origin to the perfect center of the strap - so it's not just 'anywhere')
Then with the strap still selected press SHIFT+S and choose > Cursor to Selected
(this will move the 3D cursor to the origin and we can use it as point to jump our second pivot point to)
Now select your buckle, and choose Object > Transform > Origin to 3D Cursor.
Now the origin of the buckle will be at the exact same spot as the one of the strap.

Or you can just select both of them put your 3D cursor to any prefered position and choose
Object > Transform > Origin to 3D Cursor, this will jump the origin of all selected to the 3D cursor.

After those steps are done, select your strap and press CTRL+A and 'apply' rotation, location and scale.
Do the same for the buckle.
(this will ensure that they don't have different rotations or scale or location values and their current orientation
will be zero'ed out as it is)

Another simple solution would be:

just to 'join' the 2 objects into one mesh (select both and hit: CTRL+J). Make sure to give each of them a different
Material and Texture first.

(in case you have UV unwrapped them already and both have a different UV layout which otherwise would be
collapsed into one texture, when not having 2 materials - this also will preserve them to have 2 texture faces in SL)

Once they are 'one' object you won't have any scaling issues because its just one object scaling and thus nothing will
move out of place.

Cheers, Code

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