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buscando chicos y chicas ..escorts dancers ...hiring

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Hiring freelance dancers and esorts (male and females) for a new club..or just come and enjoy our BDSM public spaces...(better if bilingual and with GOR or BDSM experience) protocol CWNM (clothed women naked men) and Protocol CMNW (clothed men naked women) Ven a trabajar y a divertirte con nosotros Abrete a todas tus fantasias. L@s mejores sumis@s adestrad@s en SL y Gor a tu disposicion. Protocolo BDSM CFNM (mujeres vestidas, hombres desnudos) y CMNF (hombres vestidos, mujeres desnudas) BDSM Hispano, English, Italiano, Amo , Ama , Esclavo, Esclava, Master, Mistress, Collar, disciplina, castigos, humiliacion, sexo, putas, putos, escorts, striptease,fiestas, bailes.

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lady%20Vale/34/174/999 secondlife:///app/group/71465b05-3c5c-7d20-bb07-9ffb9c6f4bcc/a

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