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Wanted: 3D Designer, Rigged Mesh, Items, etc

Lillani Lowell

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First, I should start off and establish myself by saying that my name (as shown) is Lillani Lowell, and I am a long term (and successful) merchant here in Second Life. At the peak of my SL career, I was making a lovely living here, but in the last few years have moved to other interests in the real world and I have not been entirely interested in Second Life as a platform, per se, with only the occasional update and/or release. However, as my real world projects are coming to an end, I am finding myself with more time and a new eye for Second Life and its wonderfully new and upcoming features which can bring to life some interesting ideas I have had in the past that were just not really possible, but now are...

So now, I am looking to start a fairly ambitious new project in Second Life for both fun and profit. Generally, my way of doing things in Second Life has always been to do things on my own and this was fine for smaller items and releases, but not for something that I am looking at creating now... a much larger project where doing everything myself would be overly burdensome and make completing this new business venture 'daunting'.


I would like to delegate the following tasks to a '3D design' partner who will work with me as needed to bring appealing visuals into this project that I would like to see... 

* Rigged and textured mesh avatars (simple people and sci-fi themed outfits/attachments). 

* Simple, but good quality, textured mesh attachments (again, sci-fi items).

I will simply give you a rough idea of what I need designed and then your task is to turn that into a quality mesh. I am not looking for anything incredibly high detailed, basically game meshes that are quick loading and low LOD for fast performance in SL.

You will not need to do any scripting, animating, etc, this will be my department.

What will you receive in return for your work?

* %50 of profit from the sales of your items; and 25% of the profit from the sale of scripted-only 'upgrades' to your items.

This is a niche risk vs reward project; meaning that it could take off and be a huge success or it could fizzle and flop, but I am leaning toward that it will be a huge success. If you know the Dictatorshop, LockGuard, or anything I have been involved with project wise... I tend to find success where I follow my passion, and I believe this project could be quite a success.


Please note, because of the nature of this project, I will need to work with someone who is good natured, reliable and trustworthy; that means no anonymous people and no hiding behind avatars. We will need to have contact outside of SL in the form of Facebook and voice chat, so that I will know who you are and you will know who I am. 

You will need the following traits:

* Patience; this is a project that is going to take a couple months to get from creation and testing to production, not something we are going to 'rush'. If it's going to be done it has to be done right and not half assed.

* Dedication; you don't need to sacrifice your life to this project, but a half dozen hours/week or more would be great!

* Work ethic; getting things done you say you'll get done. If you have a tendancy not to "finish things", this isn't for you.

* Trustworthy; because I need someone who is actually going be making these items, not ripping them from someone else and saying that they are theirs. I do everything above board, so for the first few items at least, I will need to see screen shots of the creation process from scratch to finish to prove to me you are their creator. Also, I want someone who is going to not tell everyone about the details of our project, SL is full of people waiting to get a jump on your ideas and will outright steal them if they can.

* Humor; because I just can't work with grumpy people.


If you've ever described yourself as a 'random' person, this probably isn't for you. In my experience, I've found 'random' people are not overtly reliable to work with and tend not to not finish things nor keep their attention on anything once the initial 'buzz' has worn off... sorry to you random folks, but that's how it usually is with you. I need someone reliable, dependable, and predictable, not random or moody.


Anyway, if you are interested in potentially working with a successful content creator in a new and exciting project and *know* (not just think) you have what it takes to complete tasks and you have above average 3D design experience and can design quickly and efficiently, please message me in-world as I don't check the forums very often. We will chat and get to know each other, and if I feel you are right for this project... let's get 'er done. Also, I would like to see samples of things in 3D you have created at least in SL, but also outside of SL.

I look forward to talking with you!

Again, message me in-world: Lillani Lowell

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3113 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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