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is this guy a Linden? is he telling the truth?

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ok so heres the deal

a guy read my profile and on it i say im 7'4 { whitch i am, due to a sickness that made my bones not stop growing} and since im also japanese he called me a lier, and he was wearing a tag that had "N***a" on it so i told him 

F**k off  "N***a" and blocked him and left the shop i was at

a min later i get an IM from a guy named R********dand he was made 20 mins ago

this was the IM i got from him

12:41] Incoming message from R********d Resident
[12:42] Yousei: yes?
[12:42] R********d: A report has been filed against you for using the terms; "F**K" you and "N***a".  We will be issuing a 7 day suspension and possible termination of your account once investigated.  Sorry for the inconvience
[12:42] R********d: Have a good day.
[12:42] R********d: Read the Terms of Service.
[12:42] R********d: You've violated them.
[12:43] Yousei: oh so him calling him self **bleep** is ok
[12:43] R********d: Issue a ticket on the website; Secondlife.com if problems occur or questions.
[12:43] Yousei: and calling me a lier is ok too
[12:43] R********d: Adult profile.  - Please reread the Terms of Service.
[12:43] R********d: In Section - it states you are not to insult others or make them feel uncomfortable.
[12:44] Yousei: he did me first
[12:44] R********d: We were sent the chat log.
[12:44] R********d: Nothing he said was insulting toward you.
[12:44] Yousei: im am 7 4 in rl due to a sickness
[12:44] Yousei: and he said im lying
[12:44] R********d: We are not aware of your sickness.  No one in the world is aware of your sickness.
[12:44] R********d: You have a profile to tell people about yourself.
[12:44] Yousei: he has in his tag "N***a"
[12:44] Yousei: so thats wut i said
[12:45] R********d: Once your account is suspended and or Terminated, please send a ticket to Linden Lab.  Have a good day.
[12:45] Yousei: and i did put it in my profile  i put im 7'4
[12:45] Yousei: i would like to know you affirmation with LL please

He logged off after that and i am still logged into second life and nothing seems to be wrong

see i dont cause truble, im on sl 24/7 waiting for my husband, the only way i can see him is though second life because he lives far far far away and i rarely rarely leave my land {i just happened to be buying a pair of eyes this time}

I know when i report i take at least 5-10 mins, but this was like right after i tped so like it had to be with in a min

and the guy that said i was being "suspended" didnt have Linden in there name at all or any info down

so im not sure if it was a guy try to scare me or wut

does anyone now? is there a linden i could talk to about this?

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Sorry if im doing anything wrong

this is my first time posting here and im a lil worried about wuts going on and trying to stop a bad panic attack from it

the beeped words was F**K off n***a sorry

his tage was his parters name and then "N***a" after it so thats why i called him it


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Just ask yourself, would a Linden act like this?

The answer is no.

Then ask yourself, can I say however tall I am in RL?

The answer is yes.

I could state I am 10 foot 3 or 2 foot 1, it would not make a difference if I was Korean or a Viking.

Mute that loser and forget about it.

Oh, and report him for impersonating a Linden.

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thank you

I did report him

Im just really worryed

i havent heard from my husband in a week and this is the only way to talk to him so i have to be on 24/7 or i might miss him

i just need reassured  about this i think

and hopefully a linden or someone wil see this and watch out for him too


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Lindens will have the surname 'Linden'. If they are in a non-Linden account, they won't be on LL business. Don't believe anyone who claims to be a Linden who doesn't have a Linden surname. Suspensions are not, to my knowledge, handed out 'in person' either. You'll receive an email notification if you get suspended or banned.

Your RL height is irrelevant, regardless of the cause. If you post anything extraordinary in your profile, there's a chance people will challenge and/or insult you about it. Don't rise to petty trolling from idiots.

Also, if the name you gave is this person's actual username, YOU are in breach of forum rules by mentioning it and quoting him here. I'd advise you to remove it.

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ok i will but yeah thats him hes the guy that was acting like one,

sorry im still learing the forum and the rules are just a pile of mush in my head so i hope this first lil mess ups wll be over loooked

but i just reportd  the guy and this guy with the whole story

thanks everyone


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i havent heard from my husband in a week and this is the only way to talk to him so i have to be on 24/7 or i might miss him

Forget all the rest of this noise and fix that.

As Charlotte suggested, Skype is one solution that works everywhere there's internet. There are also VoIP services for landlines and wireless so money never needs to be an issue (not that anyone said it was, but international calling through traditional service providers is stupidly overpriced worldwide).

Relying on Second Life availability for important communications is far too risky.

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Well since everyone else already addressed your actual concerns, I'll address something else in your post. Please know I am not condoning what this guy did, or said, in any way. I am not trying to be mean, but I am going to be blunt and upfront with you. Since this isn't exactly a rare thing. People get in spats like this with others all the time. Maybe someone else reading can learn from this experience of yours too.

1-If someone calls you a liar, ignore it, mute them, do whatever you need to do, but don't engage in childish bickering back and forth. Your response to him calling you a liar was out of line. Sorry, you don't want to hear that, but it's true. If all he did was call you a liar, and din't use vulgarity to do so, then it was extremely out of line. There's no reason to tell someone to eff off just because they call you a name. Especially a name like "liar". 

2-Using words, like you did, even if it IS in his tag, can actually very much get you in trouble. Whether or not he is a linden is irrelevant to the issue at hand. If he chose to report you for saying that to him, you could get in trouble. Of course, he would likely get in trouble himself for having it in his tag. Which is why he wouldn't likely report it. However know that he could, if he wanted to, and there is as much potential for trouble for you both. The lab can see all chat logs if they choose to, they wouldn't just need his word as they'd see it for themselves. Just because someone has something vulgar in their tag or profile, doesn't necessarily mean it's a-ok for us to use it whenever and wherever. Just like with anything else. If someone manages getting away with some wrongdoing, it does not mean we're all free to go ahead and do it too.

3-Your profile is open, that means it's likely someone, somewhere, will comment. If you don't want comments, because you can't handle ones that may not be nice, don't put the information out there. It is going to happen. You felt free to call this person what you did, and you justified it by saying it was in his tag, so therefore you're free to comment on it. He, too, obviously felt your profile was open for comentary. Now I am not saying what he said was right, or ok, but it does fall under that same umbrella. That's exactly why a lot of people don't put as much information in their profiles. because it will be open for all to see, and perhaps comment on.

Again, I am not trying to talk down to you, be mean, chastise or anything of that nature. I think it's important to be upfront and blunt when needed though. If you're going to involve yourself in a squabble, you're not likely going to come out with completely clean hands yourself if this is how you react. Me saying this does not in any way justify what he said to you. No one should ever be mean to others, imo. But, unfortunately my opinion doesn't much matter in the end. People are going to be mean. They are going to say things we don't like. They are going to do things we don't like. When we respond in kind, we are most certainly stooping just as low as they did. Which basically makes us no better. Please learn from this squabble you had with this guy. That way, should you encounter someone rude in the future, it very well may be easier to deal with. It's very hard to grow a thick skin sometimes. We're all going to be hurt or insulted at one point or another. How we deal with it is really what matters most. It definitely matters a lot more than the specifics of the incident.

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Theresa Tennyson wrote:

1) No, he isnt' a Linden.

2) No, he isn't telling the truth.

3) No, he can't get you in trouble unless you overreact to him and do something stupid. He will keep trying to annoy you - ignore him.

Bingo!  Sounds like a griefer who first tries to goad you into saying/doing something, then shows up in an alt (or it's a friend of the first person) and impersonates a Linden.  Absolutely nothing to worry about as far as that experience re: being suspended.

When I've played WoW I've routinely received IMs in world from an official "sounding" ("sounding" being the key) avatar name telling me that I have stolen a pw/am using a pirated account/you-name-it and I will be banned.  The first time I received one of these I immediately tried to IM the avatar and, what do you know - not online.  I next called WoW customer service and was told this is a common phishing scheme (I was also given "instructions" to go to a certain website) and provided the email address to report these incidences.  I knew I had not done what the IM said, but it still gave me a momentary panic!

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1. If you don't want comments about the information in your profile, don't put it in your profile. No one on the grid needs to know your RL height, so if you can't handle skepticism and other comments about that fact, remove it from your profile.

2. Cursing at someone, and using a racial slur, is unnecessary. It really doesn't matter if it was in his tag or not, racial slurs are not allowed. All you need to do is mute the individual, and move on.

3. Posting chat logs is against the ToS. You cannot share IM's on the forums, in your profile, or with others inworld without the express consent of BOTH parties, which means that if this person did not say it was okay (which I highly doubt), you are violating the ToS by posting this conversation here.

4) You really might want to find another way to contact your husband, such as Skype. SL is rather unstable for that sort of contact. And if you do get AR'd for your behavior in this or any other issue, you could lose that form of communication, either temporarily or permanently, and LL will not be sympathetic. They run a virtual world, not a cell phone service. (I'm sorry if that comes off a little snippy.)

5) ANY Linden Labs employee performing in an official capacity will have the surname Linden. Also, the Lindens are hardly ever inworld. If something does happen, generally you recieve an email, NOT a personal IM. Can you imagine how many Lindens there would have to be to personally contact every person who is AR'd every day?

6) Yes, this person was just trying to scare you. Again, if they don't have the surname Linden - which ONLY the Lindens can have, nobody else; I don't think it can even be in a display name, though I could be wrong there - they don't work for LL and you can mute them and move on.

7) You can contact LL for this issue by filing an AR. Impersonating a Linden is against the ToS, as well.


The smartest thing to do is remove an information that you don't want potentially negative commentary on, report the account that was trying to impersonate a Linden, mute them both, and move on with your SL.


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I'm sure others have said this too but that was not a Linden or LL staff member. I could bet my rent on that.

I would also bet the same, that was the same guy back in an alt to harass you.

He seems very stupid since he didn't know what was on the tag on his head.

Also he would be in a lot worse trouble for impersonating a Linden (which you can AR him for by the way) than you would be for telling him a curse word and calling him by the tag he wore on his head, no matter what the word was. Just my opinion on that. Impersonating a Linden can get him banned.

Sounds like he was a nosey rude person who isn't afraid to break the rules himself to make his point.

In other words: a griefer.

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Leoninus Zsun wrote:


[12:43] R********d: Adult profile.  - Please reread the Terms of Service.

[12:43] R********d: In Section - it states you are not to insult others or make them feel uncomfortable.



Unless you have pornographic pix in your profile or something similar, he's misquoting the TOS.

He seems to be using that part of TOS to describe your 'verbal exchange' and that isn't what 'adult profile' means. Adult profile means people who have pornographic language or photographs and things like that, in their profiles. Profiles are available in search and have to be PG rated. A lot of people don't seem to know that (or don't care) and post things that would make Hugh Hefner blush.

So I don't think a Linden staff member would misquote Linden Lab terms of service. 

Whatta maroon.

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I also agree with those who said you could try Skype for your husband's phone calls. 

Also there is Google phone which you can now patch into a mobile phone etc. and I think Google phone is free. 

If you don't want to venture out much from your SL land you can shop on marketplace. Just click 'marketplace' under Shopping here on this very website. (Same website you are on for the forums.) 

Sorry this happened to you. I know some people out there like to push other people's buttons, and get them upset, for whatever twisted jollies they get out of that. And they seem to hit when you least expect it. Griefer. Loves to cause grief. Antisocial narcissistic personality type most probably. Low on empathy.

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The OP didn't say she was waiting for her RL husband.  What she said was

"see i dont cause truble, im on sl 24/7 waiting for my husband, the only way i can see him is though second life because he lives far far far away and i rarely rarely leave my land {i just happened to be buying a pair of eyes this time}"

When I read it I took it to mean her SL husband as it would be highly unusual to be married in RL to someone that lives far far away.  Not everyone partnered in SL wants to or has the ability to skype with their partner.

Even if she meant RL husband, they may already skype , but I can  understand why they also use SL to be "together".  The immersive nature of SL could make it feel more "real" to them.

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Speaking for myself but I am guessing this was true of others too, we understood that, Amethyst. 

If she's waiting around the clock for someone who can't tell her when he will show up, perhaps Skype would prove more reliable...or force some reality into the situation.

If there is some reason he keeps her in the dark, maybe that would force his hand, quite frankly.

ETA: I took it as possible either way when I read it. He could be stationed overseas, quite easily, for example, and be her RL husband who meets her in SL when he can. But, if he is a stranger, and demands she wait by her computer 24/7 literally, without word, then she gives 100 percent courtesy and he gives none. She can find better people to "immerse with" if the latter is the case. 

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l1.JPG  Note: Account says "LL Employee"


l2.jpgNote:  LL Lab Logo where you would normally see on line status.


Depending on which viewer you use you will see one of the above when you check a profile.  These are genuine Lindens.

I didn't see anywhere in the Chat the person claim to be a Linden.  They were just yankin your chain.  You could still if you like AR them for impersonating a Linden and let the Lab decide what to do about them.

See also, http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Who_are_Lindens%3F

Note:  That page also references "Tester Accounts."  Tester accounts do not have the official seal of approval in their profile.  My perusal of accounts with the name "Tester" leads me to believe not all Testers are Lindens.  Not a good thing IMHO.  

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is this guy a Linden? is he telling the truth?

No to the first question, and

No to the second.

Obviously I don't really have a way to know that, but if he is in fact a Linden his behavior breaks just about every rule of Linden behavior we residents know of. He'd be in way more trouble with Linden Lab for what he's done than you would for what you did.

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