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Barbie Macbain

what do I do to make my avatar talk in the third person..like"jane likes apples" and its in italics?


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As Valerie says, precede your remark with /me

Some viewers will also let you use a colon which will, over time, save you a ton of keystrokes.  If your viewer has this option, it will be in preferences.

Note that this is not really used for "talking in the third person."  These types of comments are referred to as "emotes", because you use them to express feelings or actions.  I would not say, for example, "Lindal Kidd says good morning"...I would just say, Good morning, and the chat window would look like this --

Lindal Kidd:  Good morning!

Then I might emote doing something nice for you.../me hands you a nice hot cup of coffee.  And that would look like --

Lindal Kidd hands you a nice hot cup of coffee.

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