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Anyone interested in buying out ShadowLandRentals? Over 7 sims


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Hello everyone I have built this company over the past year and am finding my time to run it is coming to an end, I need to turn my attention more to rl and not sl so am considering selling my business, this covers all ownership of logos marketplace adverts mainland and tenants. Upon the purchase the tenants are yours.

My sims/locations of parcels are at




Craggen Maw

Great Pubnico



Uruti Point



Zerin (Adult)

All but Rybinsk are moderate and all would be included in the sale.
I am open to offers but this is total of over 7 mainland full sims tier so no rude offers or time wasters thanks!
Leave a reply or I.M Mattshadowhand in world

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Facts are Facts....


Money is money.Unless you are rich (which SL statistics show most players are not)  you would just pay people a commision to run it for you,take the lighter payment and still have a profit coming in.

Facts,you are getting out due the fact 80% of the mainland is  so cheap and the turn over rate is so great running your type of business is no longer a profit,if anything a risk of payment to LL with no rental payments to pay it..Leaving you to foot the bill.


I been around SL a long time on a few accounts and im so sick and tired of seeing this same old lame trickery people hand out "oh I just don't have time"

Call total BS on that one dude!!

No one in their right mind with a profit coming in would (not have the time) ,unless RL rich like I stated ,and your not..or you just give this great opportunity to a friend and move on in life..


Let old uncle Theg0t help you out kiddies,

SL is a great place to be..your options here are endless.

This is not a gold mind waiting for you to show up and buy some one else business or re seller crap and  make you a bunch of money.

It is hard work...

It takes investment and risk.

Many fail.

Hell some of the best fail

If you going to make it here .It will be on your own.

With a product that is unique  and trendy..

A lot of 250L full perm mesh kits you can mod and try to sell..

It will  look like the other 4500 people trying to mod and hawk off the same clothing

Every day I meet people who tell me stories of their great sales!!

The a month later their closing shop telling me "well I did great here in profit but I just do not have the time" total BS.

My father left me a dinner.I hate working in F&B but I do like a profit.So I lease the whole thing out  name and all..I just get my cut at the end of each month...That is how it works in RL and Sl.

Any one making a good profit here is not "to busy" they are just loosing their ass and to have a lot invested in and are hoping to get a little back and let some other poor sucker take their fall...

si g0t



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4035 days.

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