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How do I upload pictures to my sl profile from my pc plz

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Hello again, I just did what you said & it changes my pf picture. What I'm actually wanting to do is to upload pictures I've taken around SL n saved to my pc. I know I can take a picture and save it direct to my profile, but I'm wanting to upload some from my PC as well. I just can't seem to find the upload * button.* When I 1st joined SL I could upload pictures with out a worry. It was on the left in amongst it all.. can't really remember exactly how I did it, but I know the upload picture option was there.. it simply isn't now.

I do appreciate the help you've given me. Plz don't answer this unless you've the time to spare. It isn't a real important thing... it really just has me scratching my head.

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Hi Mase! There is no such feature in the new web based profiles. Unlike in the past where you could upload pictures from your PC, this is not possible now. It has been asked many times to LL and they are very aware of those requests and say they are working on it (... it's been for months, lol...), but as of today, you can only upload pics while inworld direct to your profile.

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