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Employment Wanted

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Greetings all

I have been in sl for al ong time now.  I'm eperienced with many viewers, and many tasks in sl.  I also build websties in real life.


General Manger ((Fetish sims and Music Venues))

Dj Manager -  Famillar with just about every dj softwae, stream provviders and most song boards.  i have a very good ear for dj's and can usually tell if a dj is going to bring a crowd in or not


Dancer Manager


Host Manger


Personal Assistant

Sales Person

Customer Service

And a few other.


I am normally on from about 8 am slt to about 10 pm slt everyday.  im a hard working team player that is dedicated to the over all goal of the sim. I have becoemme famillar with the hiring forums and other such forums that Linden Labs provides, and I am comfortable using the land hosting tools also.  I have learned many thigs about sl and am comfortable in a virtual enviroment and am willing to provide voice for interviews and such.

If any of my services nmeet your needs please feel free to contact me VIA NOTECARD OR INSTANT MESSAGF inworld.  My ims go to tmy email if i am offline.  I also have Skype Messenger.

Thank you for your time and your consideration;

Jeff Footpad

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