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I've been playing second life for a while now and i think it's time i left a review. Second life has always been an escape from real life issues, Boredom, and it even helps me pass time. I think that Second Life is the most successful virtual world because unlike other 3D chats there are actually ways to make money inworld and there are freebies. The only real thing that i hate about SL is.... running out of L$ quickly and the avatars are outdated.... I kinda thought that SL was new and still being programmed but after i realized this game has been running since 2002 and there are mesh models that look half human that are way older than this game i kinda laughed.... Lol but most things are resident created.... i just wish it didnt cost L to upload stuff..... But oh well ill make it trough somehow....

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I agree, the avatar basic model could stand a redo. I just hope it will be something everyone can see i.e. not the current version of 'mesh.'

It would be nice if they went back to the original upload fee which I believe was, if you upload it and it's full perm it's free - or - can an oldbie tell me how that went? If you passed out your stuff full perms it was free to make, in other words. Then again, a lot of people sell full perm kits now.

Maybe they could do like another virutal world did, and sell a license for unlimited uploads? But I don't know. Maybe all those 10L add up and LL depends on the revenue? (I have one of those licenses elsewhere by the way. I should really revisit and see if I'm able to sell anything there...)

I wish my computer graphics skills weren't so crap.

I'm glad you like SL and I agree it's good entertainment and boredom relief and other things like that. Even better, people make friends here, and find support when they need it at times, too.

It's nice to hear about the good sometimes.

(Oh - as for running out of money quickly - I feel your pain.)



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My Review of Second Life

I don't use Second Life to alleviate boredom (what on earth is boredom?), or to pass time, or to kill time.  Second Life is just another place I visit from time to time, when I have the time, or can make the time, and no two days are the same.

The first two weeks of being in Second Life were the hardest for me, because I found it to be a very steep learning curve, but what got me through was the friendships I forged with newbies like I was back then, and the kindness of oldbies who were patient enough to show me the ropes, and who pointed me in the direction of Torley Linden's great and often amusing video tutorials.

I went through phases, like many people did: falling in love, spending beyond my means, becoming a shopaholic for a short while. I dabbled in land dealing, tried to breed chickens (with the result of far too many green ones being born and the heartbreak of having to cull 50 at a time), even was a columnist for an SL 'newspaper' for a short time in 2008. Once I came first in the Giant Snail Racing, even appearing on Treet TV with my massive snail arse slithering out of control over a sim crossing at one point.  Where in real life could you have such surreal psychedelic adventures? And so much better, no hangover, like you get with illegal substances. 

The decision to become a premium member was a good one for me.  Paying quarterly, and getting a weekly stipend, and now spending very little inworld, it costs me a few English pence every week, less than the cost of one of my other compulsive purchases, magazines (oh how I love flipping through the pages of a brand new magazine, feeling the glossy inky paper underneath my fingers, smelling the shiny....

...... but back to the review.

So many places to visit in Second Life, so many creative people to feed my sluggish brain with beautiful images that give me the craziest dreams, so many people to watch and interact with. 

I tried to bring a couple of real life friends into Second Life in my early days. They did not take to it. Found it too complicated. And now I am not sorry. Second Life feels like my box of chocolates, for me only to open the lid of and peer into and make my selection, and then have some brand new soft centre thrown at me every time I log in.

The only downside for me has been my own inability to cope well with change. I don't change my style of handbag in Second Life, I stick to the same style of shoes for comfort and ease. Second Life is my leisure and my pleasure, and I don't like feeling inept all over again having to learn how to use new viewers, but over time even this is getting to be second nature to me, and I find I even wear mesh (friends of mine are dropping dead from the shock of that statement I am sure).

The point about the avatar, hmmm, I kind of like how I look, but would like a less stern expression and the smile you can get to be more sincere. I look my best when my tongue is sticking out (I have been told). I don't look at my feet, and I hate the separate fake feet you can get, although one of my alts loves anything fake, and her fake feet look ok... on her.

Its not a comprehensive review, my thoughts are all over the place, five years worth of memories, fun times, disastrous encounters sometimes that I can smile about now, and, I am sure, much much more to look forward to in the future.

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Please cookie monster, dont go back to SIMs as they advice you, the people are the same in every world, even if its called sims or SL or whatever else..

Just log in to wherever you like, Every day every hour every minute!

and live and play in as many worlds-games you can!

Isnt it a great fun?

I agree! it is!

Thats the beauty of CHOICE!


As i can see from your post you love SL and Virtual Worlds, as i do also :DD

Thank you for mentioning the wish of yours to have uploads for free :)

Its great! i agree! i guess its hard to be done though... because of many ways, i can think two really critical... one is the fact SL needs some incoming, and the 2nd, it prevents somehow greefers , or at least make it more difficult for them.

As for the fact SL is an "ancient" world, well i have to admit you are correct, even if that make some people dont like it.

I dont like it either, but i have to admit it.

Somehow we are using the same tech from the past.. its truth. but i guess is really hard , maybe immpossible, to update a V-World as huge as SL is..

its like you spend all your economies to open a shop to produse pasta and you bought some machines.

Well usually these machines have to stay for ever... the plan is to re-cover the value of them someone pay to have them. and i guess thats what happpening with SL.. they cant afford to buy new "machines" every time.

And please please dont call this world a game LOL

im not fighting with people anymore if it is a game or not, but as i can see some others do :)

Yes! I agree this IS NOT a "game"

It is a World and as in every world games are involved..

Real games, fake games, silly games, dirty games, clever games, even... ARCADE games :D

I love games!

So, to end this with a smile...

lets all wish:

LONG LIVE Second Life!

we love you  even if you are ancient..!


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I like The Sims sometimes. It's nice to have some options for gaming. I make no apologies for looking for entertainment/relaxation/boredom relief, either. :) 

I do wish The Sims would update its Create A Sim area, update its navigation tools (no screen grab? after all these years?) and above all I wish they would divorce the game from the house creation and decoration.

Really the only reason I have played The Sims all along is to create. That part of it is fun. But they really need to make a 'cheat' that gives more than $50,000 Simoleans at a time, as the (built in) cheat gets tedious trying to add up to a couple mil. I just want to make anything I want to, and not worry about the money.

The people in it are way secondary to me (I did find The Sims Medieval more interesting, since at least those people are a little differently behaved) other than to see how they interact with what I had built. And that isn't so far a stretch since that is originally why the game was designed. He wanted to see how a house he designed would play out in real life.

All of the life goals, challenges, wishes, etc., yawn. (I don't really want a 'game.') I do love the simulated pets, though. Those are cute and make me laugh, and they don't mess up my carpet. :)

I just reviewed The Sims in your Review Second Life thread...derail. Sorry, cookie monster. Here's a cookie though!  :)



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All avatar clothing and accessories, and animations etc. are geared to the present avatar.

One of the problems of updating the SL avatar is that it would break a lot of things in your inventory making them worthless.  System clothes would no longer work as the texture mapping would be different.  Attachment points for everything would need to be redone, animations would break or look weird thus breaking anything animated (AO's Furniture, Dance Machines etc, etc.)  You would have to replace a ton of stuff.  Since you are new and apparently rely on mostly on freebies so far, it may not be that big a deal to you, but people that have been in SL for a long time and who have spent hundreds if not thousands of RL dollars over the years on all this stuff would no doubt be upset to say the least.

It wouldn't be easy to replace stuff either as all the same kind of things that break in your inventory would also break in the merchants inventory too, wiping out their stock.  They'd have to spend a lot of time fixing, trashing or redoing it all.  It would mean a lot of them would close and dump their land, others would lose a lot of income and those that depend on it would have to charge more to make up for it and it would be a long time before they could afford to give out freebies again.

All this would have a domino effect on the land and the economy as a whole.  People having to spend a lot of money replacing inventory may not have the money to tip entertainers, clubs etc., or maybe even pay tiers.  The loss of income to the owners of venues and landlords, would result in a lot of things being shut down and more land being dumped. Without a home and places to go for entertainment it could lead to a mass exodus.

So unless LL can figure out a way to update avatars without all this happening, it isn't going to happen any time soon.

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To Sephina and to beethros also, thank you for enjoying my review. It was a little rushed as I was in the middle of cooking dinner, but I hope it evoked good memories for other people too.

As I was cooking, I continued to think about the best and worst aspects of Second Life for me. So many, too many. Naked motorcycling with my good friend Fi and sailing with Pat both made me feel so free, so fresh, so clean (and ultimately so motion sick). Dance/camping in my early days at Boonootoo sim, which I revisited last week, five years after I had last been there. Of course, I did not recognise the place at all.  The land where I had danced and met some earlier friends was now a parcel of abandoned land, and I felt tremendously sad, which is a little crazy, to be sad for something that never really existed. 

Finding my first home at Missing Beckett (although I cannot remember how I first came to be there), in early December 2007, falling in love with a large cat-shaped sofa that was on a verandah of a house there, the sofa having become now my desert island cannot-live-without item (I wish I could have one in real life too), being shocked to see children in Second Life, that actually just turned out to be child avatars, ditto furries and avatars that could turn into cars and back into people instantly. The novelty of rain and thunder and lightening in Second Life. Halloween is always exceptional fun. Burning Life. Interactive art exhibitions (strangely, I am not all that interested in art in real life, but Bryn Oh - and I am sure she will not mind me mentioning her - has this ability to make me smell places from my own childhood when I look at her creations).

Dancing on The Titanic at sunset, and pretending to fly at the front of the vessel with my own Leonardo diCaprio, ghost hunting, driverless vehicles, secret underwater worlds, skyboxes, AI bots, landbots, other assorted bots and grid clutter that leaves us wondering why. I love it all.

David Icke in real life believes that all of what we see in real life is just a Hologram. Second Life would blow his mind completely.




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Melita Magic wrote:

Having an avatar smile that didn't look like a robot about to explode would be a good thing.

Having a ban on those ridiculous auto-smiles that occur every few seconds would be even better.

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Phil Deakins wrote:

Melita Magic wrote:

Having an avatar smile that didn't look like a robot about to explode would be a good thing.

Having a ban on those ridiculous auto-smiles that occur every few seconds would be even better.

ZOMG! Something we actually agree on :matte-motes-shocked:

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Phil Deakins wrote:

We always agree

I came across you last night. I didn't know you were famous. You're the Caretaker's partner in the delta quadrant - a sweet little girl who turns into a rabid monster

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.


William Congreve

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The sims are not like SL...so I wouldn't talk about "worlds" in this case...but in fact the OP seems to seek exactly that...or expected SL to be somekind of graphicintense new online version of the sims...just with added pixelsex.

- The OP wants new, on the top graphic (but seemed to be unable to just google to see how old the software is). The sims 3 are not that old and offer some decent graphics.

- The OP disliked the fact that nearly all content is made by users. Well, Sims 3 offers a giant store full of stuff made by EA, should be perfect then.

- The OP wants a game. SL isn't one, the Sims is a game.


My opinion:

Some people should get away from the idea of getting a egg laying woolmilkpig. High graphics like a 2012 game? Say goodbye to a lot current users, because there pcs can't catch up. There are already so many people who think they could run SL with highest graphic settings and wonder why they fail...

Next would be to say goodbye to user created content and just a tiny viewer program that doesn't require the fastest internet in the world.

Also I'm pretty sure that person hasn't even managed to make her avatar beautiful or get some decent windlight settings. A lot videos and pictures proof that SL can look pretty.

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