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Qwalyphi Korpov

What am I not seeing?

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Qwalyphi Korpov wrote:


I changed that max mesh debug setting and nothing changed.  Maybe I need to do more than double it.

Hmm... I think that increasing MeshMaxCurrentRequests permanently would not be very wise thing to do.  It just adds general sim lag.  Besides, I have observed that if the mesh queue is stuck, then it indeed is stuck.  Cranking up that value does not help.  Stuck is stuck - then the only thing what helps is to relog.




Firestorm support team member Lette Ponnier has said this:

"MeshMaxConcurrentRequests: 128"

Bumping this debug up is, indeed, recommended for helping mesh to appear. However: leaving it at a high number is neither recommended (by us) nor necessary for keeping the mesh rendered. Some people experience higher rates of crashing when this is set to a higher number (over 100 or so). Regardless of whether you're having trouble, though, "requests" refers to how much communication is going on between you and the server, and the more requests are being made, the more it will contribute to sim lag because you're simply giving it more work to do. If there's only one person with their setting this high, the effect will be totally unnoticeable. But if we're talking about 40 people all sending >100 requests to the sim whenever mesh appears, then sad to say, this one will end up contributing to the lag you're all feeling.


So our recommendation is: bump this up when you need to, and return it to default once you can view the mesh (or have determined it's not helping, in which case you'll probably need to relog). We have some additional suggestions about viewing mesh on our wiki. You don't need to be sending that increased number of requests once it's rendered for you anyway -- it's not helping to keep it rendered, only to render it initially.


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There's a difference between unrigged and rigged mesh. Just because you can rez mesh and see it on the ground, doesn't mean you can see it on people. Rezzed rigged mesh = technically unrigged as it's not attached to SL skeleton.

To see rigged mesh (mesh that's clothing and moves with avatar, like jeans or tops), you need:

- Viewer 3 or equivalent (Firestorm)

- LOD set to a fair value, otherwise mesh appears jagged until you zoom right in

- If you use Phoenix you must have basic shaders in graphics settings enabled, which is highly taxing if you don't have a good graphics card

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