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Secret places in SL

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28 minutes ago, Dillon Levenque said:

The Illuminati. Once you see that, the rest is quite obvious

They were bought out in a hostile takeover in 1980's by "Col.Mc Kings Arkansas Grilled Turkey-Ham Nugget Burgers" (a wholly owned subsiduary of Holdings Holdings inc, a wholly owned subsiduary of Engulf & Devour inc) after the total failure of their cunning plan to form a cabal of large agri-corps to trademark the word 'organic' so it could be used on frozen processed tv microwave dinners, instead of by damned hippies covered in dirt...


Part of that first paragraph is ACTUALLY true, but I'm not saying which part, as THAT's the Secret, like all the best conspiracies, inserting a real fact helps make the conspiracy better! ;) 

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