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Classes to Learn Mesh

Victoria Squall

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That's a very non-specific question to ask on this forum. Wouldn't that be something to ask a registrar at your local community college?

The vague answer is "yes", though. I know they have 3d software classes in some tech schools, and certainly at some art institutes.

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Well I guess what I am try to ask is, Qhat would the classes be called so that I can look into in my area. The repsonse I was hoping to gain were more along the line of...



Oh yes I took this class(insert course name here) and i thought it was helpful with learning mesh.


Hope this helps explain exactly what I am asking

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Okay. As Rahkis already said it's hard to answer because it's very speciffic.

First you have to understand that 'meshing for SL' is not really an 'official' thing, so to say. What people have learned or are learning to do objects for here is 3D modeling itself. Even though there 'could' be of course that one occasional fan, who felt the need to start a modeling class specialized for the requirements in SL. 

The 'term' you would have to look for:  is classes in  "3D modeling"

But here you also mostly already have to know what software you want to use later on. Because most courses are going towards a certain software. (due to the fact that all of the common 3D suits have their own unique methods and menu systems, rendersystems etc. and they all require a certain amount of lerning time to master them. So you barely will find a class that will just teach every available software. In best case they make short tours into the existing other products but remain on teaching how to achieve things with a certain one)

Regarding the software, you should have a look around on the internet what you could 'afford'. And what would look interesting for you - with the things you'd like to do in mind.

Be aware that 3D software can be very expensive. And when i say very.. i mean 'very'!
(example: Maya Autodesk 2013 - single user license - windows - download version = 5.828,25 Dollar)

One tip most of us would give you for starters is 'Blender'. It's free and can do all tasks you would need for SL without trouble. So maybe look in your city if there are any Blender related 3D modeling courses.

Cheers! Code.

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Codewarrior Congrejo wrote:

(example: Maya Autodesk 2013 - single user license - windows - download version = 5.828,25 Dollar)

I'm guessing you're not talking about US dollars, Code?  Your number is about 60% higher than the current price of Maya, in US dollars.

The actual number is $3675 for a single Maya license.  The Creation Suites that include Maya are either $5775, $6825, or $8395, depending on what group of programs you want included with it.

Your point still stands, of course, that the prices are out of range for most people.  For professionals, it's a business investement that pays for itself in one or two jobs, but for hobbyists, it's generally not an option.

For anyone who doesn't have thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket, Blender is the best way to go, by far.

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Victoria Squall wrote:

Are there real life classes that I can take to learn how to make mesh like a community college or so somthing?Somthing that would teach me how to use the 3D software programs?

Yes, Victoria, many colleges offer 3D modeling classes.  If a community college near you does not, changes are high that a state university will, and the cost will likely be the same (depending on what state you're in).  Private colleges and universities will likely offer it as well, but it will probably cost more.

You can also look into adult education, corporate training centers, even some media production houses offer classes in off hours.

Beyond that, there are practically unlimited resources, all over the web.  Digital Tutors, Lynda.com, Gnomon Online,  and many, many other sites offer excellent self-paced training courses.  Some are subscription based, and some are free.

There are also tons of books you can buy on the subject.


If you decide to go with an Autodesk product (Maya or 3D Studio Max), it will come with incredibly good introductory training, and the best help documentation on this planet.  (Part of the reason these programs are expensive is because the documentation is so good.)  If you choose Blender, you can find a good set of online courses for free at blendercookie.com.


If you feel college courses are the best option for you, I wouldn't get overly concerned about which particular software they're teaching (unless it's a total oddball).   While the specific tools are different in each program, the fundamentals principles behind them are the same in all.  Transitioning from one to another can be painful, but if you have a solid mastery of those principles, it's hardly a showstopper (especially if you're a hobbyist who isn't uder the pressure of project deadlines).

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Now that is interesting, after you mentioned this price i went again to store.autodesk.

In my former post I took the price from the Euro version and exchanged the value into Dollar. But now i was curious and did it again:

Product choice : Autodesk Maya 2013 (stand-alone-licence, platform windows, download version, no suite expansions or premium content)

And have choosen once the europe version in Euro = 4.485,00 Euro
And once the version for UK in Pound. = 3,335.00 Pound (Brit)
(just for comparison : the most expensive would be  
Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 2013 for 8.917,50 € - that would be the amazing amount of 11.5875 USD )

now i compared those prices:

Europe -> 4.485,00 EUR = 5.827,42 USD .. means so far my calculation was correct.. but here we go: 
Britain  - > 3,335.00 GBP = 4,963.85 USD .. wait what ? that means it's already 863,57 Dollar cheaper than the version in € ...

When i now take the US price from http://store.autodesk.com.sg/DRHM/store and choose the same product and licence (windows, stand alone licence, download version) i am getting a price of :

USA ->  4,095.00 $USD (which is claimed here to be priced from 3.500,00  $USD, and would be the closest to what you mentioned, without choosing licence type and shipping version)

now lets compare that price with the Euro version 5.827,42 USD (EU) - 4,095.00 $USD (US) = 1.732,42 Dollar more expensive for us in Europe !

Now that got me even more curious and i did a lil internet search..

It appears there 'are' price differences with up to 50-60% more when it comes to europe:


As one guy stated: it would be even cheaper to 'travel' to the US, and download it there in an onlineshop.. lol

I do believe it's due to licensing prices in Europe which autodesk has to cover when selling here. (or they just hate us guys ^^)

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Wow, that is indeed very interesting, Codewarrior.  I had no idea you guys were having to pay so much more.

The $3500 price is what it cost in the US last year.  It went up a little this year.  I guess maybe they haven't updated it yet on the page you liked.  I cannot access that page from here to take a look.  It errors out when I try.

In any case, sorry to hear the European prices are so high.  But hey, at least you have health care. ;)

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..."I get a Maya 2013 price of £3480 for boxed version from the uk Autodesk site..."

yeah. You guys sill also pay more then the US version. But at least not the completely hilarious additional 60 % o.O really crazy. I tell you, your queen was wise to 'not' participate in the Euro ^^ i am congratulating every country / or EU participant who successfully out-op'ed on the €, seriously ; )

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