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Looking for a female friend, maybe something more.

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I spend a lot of time on SL or working with it monday through friday, most of the time I stay quiet with friends and dont socialize too much because well SL is a full time job. No pun intended. I want to change that though and have someone to spend that time with. 

Little about me, I run a sucessful store called The Violet Vixen, working in going to college for illustration and I love graphic design. I'm queer and if you wanna be more specific, I'm a pansexual woman. I have a pan boyfriend in real life, but because of my nature and I'm only 24 I want to experience everything and having a girlfriend is something I've enjoyed in the past and I miss. It's easier on my boyfriends side to meet his needs of same sex interaction but for me I find it harder meeting women I click with. 

So I'm looking for another open minded partner, preferably a woman. I am not interested in men roleplaying as women. I am a switch when it comes to BDSM and I like strong willed women and I run with the furry community on SL. I don't care if your bisexual, pansexual, lesbian or M2F, but if I'm someone you'd like to get to know hit me up and let see if we click. 


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