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Are you looking for an affordable place to rent land? Are you tired of paying so much for a place to live? Are you sick of having to wait a day just to start building your new place? Yeah, so was I. That's what made us start Sky Manor because renting shouldn't be a hassle..

Sky Manor Resort offers the best rates in Second Life. Find a place that offers a lower rate than we do? We'll match it!
With over 10 current satisfied residents and counting Sky Manor Resort continues to bring the best out of Second Life with it's amazing custom built land designed by a real professional environment artist, handful of activities, private access to the Linden Ocean and Route 12, Lag free land, and nearby mall. Why would you want to be anywhere else?
All of our residents have complete control of their rooms, tenants can lock their doors, change seasons on our custom window system, create their signature mailbox, add or delete guests and partners automatically.
When you rent your first room, you will be instantly given access to your room and automatically invited to our residential group; no more waiting!

You can find your rental box at an easy and convenient location; need to renew your rent? Just come down to the Welcome Center and you'll be able to find your box easily and quickly, as all our boxes are organized for your convenience.

Rooms start as low as 45L a week with 100 prims.
We offer both furnished and unfurnished rooms so you have the choice of using our furniture or placing in your own.
Stop by our Welcome Center and start living the dream!



                                                     SKY MANOR RESORT


Only 45L/wk, furnished, 100 prims each!

(2 guest maximum)


Our condos are lovely and located in a beautiful part of the grounds, at only 90L/wk and 120 prims each!

(4 guest maximum)


Sky Manor boasts the most affordable prices on great living areas! Only 70L/day for 200 prims!!

(4 guest maximum)


Our spacious, furnished executive suites garuntee your privacy and satisfaction! 400L/wk for 500 prims!

(8 guest maximum)


                                                     WATERFRONT CITY


Our furnished hotel rooms are just 50L/wk for 120 prims, for those who enjoy the comfort of the shores!



Our Waterfront condos are 100L/wk for 140 prims! Come and enjoy the sun!


                                                     WATERFRONT MALL

For any shop owners looking for a nice place to set up home, we have spaces open at reasonable rents.


Our first floor shops run 400L/week for 500 prims!

Upper floor shops are just 200L/week for 250! Anyone interested, please contact the residents below!


Located in: Longfin Linden Route 12
IM: Brooke Easterwood or JustbecauseicanBeFriendly (for more information)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4091 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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