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Seeking Store Manager for our client Hosting Directory


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Job Directory's Job Posting


Posting date: 07-March 2013
Job ID: 173
Occupation Type: Manager


Job Description

Position type: Pernament.
Salary: 1000,00 Linden Dollars Per Week, 10% commission (+ 1200,00 Linden Dollars).
Working days: Mo.-Fri.
Working hours: 10 hours per week.


Store Manager promote sales and profit in the store while overseeing store operations.You also help coordinate employee work schedules, conduct inventory checks, and help to assure prices are correct and the store is running efficiently. You also model exceptional customer service while providing a pleasant working environment for the employees they oversee.


Primary tasks:
Next to drive sales a store managers plan, monitor and maximize retail budgets and product inventory, purchasing and sales. You may work closely with the store owner to coordinate and determine the most cost-effective marketing and hiring strategies, and align their particular franchise with a retailer's parent business philosophy.Yous use company software to draft proposals, recruit employees and research and track products.

On the floor, you must assemble the best possible sales team. They interview and selectively hire the most qualified candidates, provide time-efficient and thorough training and maintain the skills and well-being of current staff with motivational incentives and evaluations. In addition, managers must address customer needs by immediately resolving conflict, inspiring long-term customer relationships and creatively placing and rotating merchandise in a way that best catches customers' attention.


Requirements / skills:
- Basic skills Second Life Viewer.
- Serious Second Life users.
- Second Life Age is not important, First Life job experiences and studies counts.
- Customer service experience.
- Employee interviewing and relations.
- Real Life age 18+, verification will be requested.
- Business suit.
- Client is the king,
- Loyal, friendly and good personality.
- The Friday's are reserved for meetings with the store owner.
- Keeping work and personal repositories separate.



Branche info
Hosting Directory

Hosting Directory offers quality web hosting services for sharp prizes.






You can apply here.




Yours sincerely
Job Directory

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4124 days.

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