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Dj2Deillos Supermarine

I am trying to get ahold of Princess Luna aka Nieroda Naidoo

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dude you need more training, spies work by gaining your trust, and pretending to be your friend.  but when your use for them is used up, they abandon you or defriend you, another sign of a spy is someone who friends you, and makes their friends hate you, so its easier to abandon you once they are done using you, it also works to enforce trust, as that person making everyone hate you , well pretend to be your only friend.


the same is true for cheaters, and abusers in sl. keep your friends close, and your enemies..closer. if you arent like the other people in sl and can survive a little bit of drama, you can learn a thing or two from it, but if  your like most of sl that mutes or bans at the first hint of problems, you don;t know **bleep**, cause you never look deeper then the cover story

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