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how can i check the item i got by the item's prexix and see what it is??

LishaJoya Haven

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That ID Prefix is a unique id assigned to that transaction/sale by the LL Data Transfer Manager. You can match it up with the Transaction History report of both accounts affected by that sale/transfer - The Seller and/or the Buyer - The Giver and/or the Receiver.


Since you mention the term "OBJECT Sale"  it appears that that whatever was transferred was 1st placed in a basic prim then transferred.


Anticipated Follow-on Questions & Answers assuming this is related to your next post in SL Answers regarding the theft of your friends content:


Q: Can LL determine the "nesting" of the objects in an object, A: Yes they can.

Q: Is there a mechanism by which You can ask for this? A: No

Q: What should you do? A: File an A. R. with Linden Lab with the details and let them handle it in the way they are capable of.


Q; Will you get any feedback from this A.R. ? A: No.

Q: What should you do? A; Make sure that the account hacking is reported and that the account is returned to your friend.


Q: Will your friend receive their lost items back? A: Unknown. If they do then LL was able to investigate this issue deeper than in previous thefts of this type.

Q: Why can't Amaretto send replacement animals to your friend? A: They were No-Copy and content theft from an avatar's account is not a merchants problem. Nor do merchants include an object self-destruct in them as a general rule for this kind of situation.

Q: What will LL do? A: If given enough information they will probably kill/cancel/delete the account of the thief. This assumes that it too was not simply a "hacked" account that then transferred the stolen goods elsewhere. Following the money [Lindens] is the usual method in locating those responsible for the hacking and theft of items worth $$. In any case, you will not be informed of what actions LL chooses to take.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4008 days.

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