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ghost avatars stuck on teleport beam

Hills90210 Beverly

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im sorry i wasnt sure where the appropiate place to post this was

ive been using a teleport script for a long time, it uses llSetRegionPos

only this week have i encountered a problem:



when i watch a person use the teleporter they do successfully goto thier destination....

but when the tp beam returns


for me on my screen, i still see thier ghost avatar stuck


this doesnt prevent them from logging online, its not that kind of problem
its asif they in two places at once...

keep in mind they still in the same sim, but if the person comes back to the starting location

the ghost avatar dissapears


heres  a picture of what i mean




2 ghost avatars thier right now



restarting sim doesnt help

relogging doesnt help either

and it cant be a script problem i been using this for years


i do use old snowglobe 1.23 viewer

but i beleive everyone is experiencing the same problem as me, i know a person on the latest firestorm which sees this problem on his viewer aswell


is thier anything i can do to fix this im not sure if its a scripting problem maybe ill try changing back to warppos to check


i forgot to mention the ghost avatars shouldnt be on the return tp anyway because they been UNSAT when they reach thier destination thats the weird part about it

 like i said i use this everyday for years so why its started happening the last few days i dont know




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Ohhh, Hills90210, my mouth is watering looking at your photographs. 

And frankly I am baffled. Restarting the sim should clear it. 

Can I ask - what happens when you right click on these ghosts? 

And does anything happen if you just change your group tag?

Presumably when you teleport out of the location and teleport back in you still see these ghosts?

And has this problem only been occurring since this week - specifically Tuesday? 


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Restarting the sim should clear it. 

Pretty sure this is a viewer-side effect, and suspect it's because the sim isn't sending all the updates it should (or maybe the viewer isn't handling them correctly).

I've seen it with my own avatar, sitting on a prim and editing it up or down a few thousand meters. I first noticed it on a sim with the new interestlist changes while they were still in RC, but didn't think about what happened if I viewed somebody else doing it.

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Yes, I would also think it is viewer-side.  If they relog or restart the sim though, the mirage should go away (presuming that while the sim is being restarted, the person seeing the "ghost" would have to go into a different sim). This is the baffling bit for me. I am unable to log into world to take a closer look currently, which is driving me a little crazy (crazier :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: )

Its fun to be able to test using two avatars on two different computers too - much easier to determine whether a viewer side issue. For example, my main avatar logged into my desktop has appeared to be continuing to fly over a missing region (region being restarted during weekly roll), but alt on laptop sees my main avatar hovering and going nowhere at the sim edge.

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changing sims does make the ghosts go away,

but  thats also why sim restarts dont help,.... they might go away but they come back :)

you have to witness people use the teleporter before you see the ghosts,

if you came to my place right now, you wont see any ghosts until after the teleporters been used

so restarting the sim isnt a permanent fix for me


this deffinetly only started occuring after this weeks sl maintenence, its the first time i noticed it anyway

as you can tell from the pic over 177 people/tenants use the teleporter all the time and they only just noticed themselfs


i tried using warppos but no difference thier


i used metabolt to test the tpbeam while standing nearby with my alt account

you can tell from my radar hud Hills90210 doesnt show up because he aint realy thier hes actually 47m away even tho im standing right beside him or his ghost rather



he is however nearby because i made the avatar fall from the sky after it goes to its destination


when i alt zoom to look for my hills account and take this screenshot then the ghost dissapears

does sound like a viewer problem but so many of my tenants use different viewers and experiencing this ill have to do more testing


btw if i rightclick them, yea thier profiles poppup

i also noticed in the earlier pics i posted, that the girl in pink tshirt and black skirt avatar animations changed compared to another picture shes also in


i just got a person to test another viewer without explaining what to look out for

[14:20]  Hills90210 Beverly: tell me
[14:20]  Hills90210 Beverly: has the beam returned yet
[14:21]  LyraMarie Resident: ur  right in  front  of me
[14:21]  Hills90210 Beverly: lol yea
[14:21]  Hills90210 Beverly: what viewer r u on
[14:21]  Hills90210 Beverly: i need to know exactly
[14:21]  LyraMarie Resident: singularity
[14:21]  Hills90210 Beverly: do u have version number
[14:21]  LyraMarie Resident: let me  look  babe
[14:23]  Hills90210 Beverly: take ure time
[14:23]  LyraMarie Resident: Singularity Viewer 1.7.2 (2956) Sep 15 2012 22:14:27 (Singularity)

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That's what I'm thinking.

But now that I try to get the similar effect I mentioned while watching from another viewer, I'm not sure it's quite the same effect, because only the seated avatar's viewer gets the effect; the watcher doesn't.

This "similar effect" is to sit on a prim and edit it well out of view--maybe 1000m up or down. Doesn't seem to matter what I do with my cam, as far as my viewer knows, I never moved, although what I was sitting on--including other child prims--did move. The only way I've found to get the seated avatar's viewer to recognize the new location is to stand up.

In the past, the cam could get left behind if it was focused somewhere else, but I swear I've never seen the avatar itself get left behind until the interestlist changes.

I suspect there's a single underlying cause for these two "viewer ghost avatar" effects.

It would be handy if somebody who knows viewer messaging could isolate more and submit a jira.

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