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Mega Store AVAILABLE for rent L$500 per week minus 24% discount

beethros Karas

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BEE REAL ESTATE Excellent Service and Land parcels since 2007.
Ideal Solutions for your business!

                            2 Floor Shop L$500 per week supports 200 prims.
                                  Rent for 4 weeks to get a 24% Discount

                                                      "MY FIRST SHOP AT GRETA MALL"

Greta Mall Mega Store 1rst Floor_001.jpg

This Great building located in the center of the Mall, will attract customers eye at once;
since almost in front of its door, is the Default Teleport routine of The Mall.
Everyone who is Teleporting here, arrives in front of it!
Visitors will see it immediately!

High Traffic support:
We do many actions to keep traffic at high standards,
• Live music events
• Prized Trivia Quiz events
• Bash em all -Prized Bumper Car Events
• Multiplier Fish Hunt events
• Dance Party DJ events
• Free Gifts events
• Cooking Lessons
• Live Service to guests

Sales support:
50% Discount Coupons! We often invite customers and we offer to them under our budget
coupons, with several amount of discounts up to 50%, on your merchandise to help your sales!

Advertising support:
We Promote our Tenants Shops in a large Commercial Group!
We post articles about our best decorated Shops!
We offer FREE Clothes through our Midnight Mania Boards
and advertise it in those huge Groups of them.

Professional service support:
We offer a 24 hour response guarantee!

• No down payment!
• No Premium account required!
• No investment required: L$0$ purchase price, just pay the first weeks tier!


Tenants are able to:

• Invite guest to Group.
• Rezz an amount of 200 prim inside their shop.
• Edit their merchandise onto a "for sale" condition!
• host their own events to help their sales. (5 per day)
• Change music URL
• open group chat window. (1 post every 4 hours)
• open voice chat window. (optional)
• Ask for a different wall paper/floor texture.
(Provide me with a full permissions texture of walls, ceiling and floor for your shop, to save 5 prims!)
• Have their own Sign above the building's door witch is able to display more than 1 logo
and also to give a Landmark and your Marketplace URL or any WEB page you like,
saving you from a lot of Prims!
(Provide me with a full permissions texture of your logo(s) for your shop sign)

Thank you for your interest,
Hope to see you soon with us,
click bellow to Teleport to Greta Mall @ Matisse
and feel free to hang around with the rest of the people.

Greta Mall

beethros Karas

BEE Real Estate Logo.jpg    GretaMallLogo.jpg

Greta Mall Teleport URL:



Greta Mall Mega Store full view_001.jpg

Furniture inside the Shop is not Included.

These are random pictures from a previous tenant and the signs/logos has been removed.


Greta Mall Mega Store full view1_001.jpg


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4009 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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