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Mainland parcels - protected water, bonus prims, privacy/security

Aphrodite Atlas

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Green mainland parcels, some fronting on usable Linden water sims! 

Rates start at L180 per week for a 512m/117 prim parcel.  Use your parcel for retail or residental purposes - as long as your activities don't violate the game's TOS pretty much anything goes after you pay your rental box!

All units include provided security, residential units have parcel privacy set - no pervcamming from ground level to 4096m.

Empty parcels, furnished and unfurnished prefabs are available.

Please visit all office locations to see available rentals.  You'll find a maptable in each office - just click green rent box icons to visit available units.

Divine Mainland Rentals Main Office - Obayifo Flat, green mainland parcels 512m up to 8192m

Divine Mainland Rentals - Badger Flat green mainland parcels; choice waterfront parcels with eastern views over usable Linden water

Divine Mainland Rentals - Arches Furnished or unfurnished skyboxes; empty skybox platforms

Divine Mainland Rentals - Batak 3x protected islet, 4608m and 1049 prims; land sale will be cancelled upon rental

Divine's very liberal rental rules:

Divine Rentals does not issue refunds.  Please read this entire notecard and ask questions prior to paying a rental box.

All available rental plots are located on mainland sims rated MATURE by Linden Labs.

Guidelines for Divine tenants are generally relaxed and unrestrictive.  Be respectful of your neighbors' property and of your parcel boundaries.  Do not violate the Linden Labs TOS.  Mind your prim use.

Temprezzers designed to circumvent prim limits are not permitted and will be returned when they are discovered.  These include rezzers that constantly rez furniture or buildings you would not otherwise be able to use on your rental because your rental does not support as many prims as the temprez objects.

As a Divine tenant you will have the ability to change the media settings on your parcel and to control access to your rented parcel via a security unit.    You will also be able to change the parcel name and description to suit yourself, and invite your friends to the group.

Divine Rental's rates are low.  Please help them stay that way by paying your rental box in a timely fashion.  Tenants who might be late paying rent may ask for an extension.  Tenants who are chronically late in paying rent will not be permitted to renew their rentals.  If your rental box drops and your rent remains unpaid for 36 hours your objects will be returned en masse and you will not be welcome at Divine Mainland Rentals in the future.

Linden Labs charges $L30 per week per parcel for search listings.  Tenants wishing to list their rented parcels in the search must pay a separate rental box to cover this cost.  If you list a parcel in search without asking for a search payment box your parcel will be delisted and your group role will be modified to remove the ability to list parcels in search.

Subletting is not permitted.  You may not charge others for the use of prims you rent from Divine Rentals.  Persons found to be subletting to others will be evicted without notice, without refund and without recourse, and all objects on the parcel(s) in question will be returned.  

Divine Rentals provides sandbox space for tenants.  Ask Aphrodite Atlas for details.

Divine Rentals permits scripted prim animals (aka "breedables") *within reason*.  If you think you might have too many you probably do.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4011 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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