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Jaluk searching for Lolth-like Drow.

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Despite the young age of this account, I have been freeform roleplaying in SL for a very long time...mainly as Drow. While I have played Drow of other religions, I prefer Lolth (or Lolth-like) Drow; but I am having trouble finding a sim to roleplay in. I usually have one of these three problems:


- The sim does not have Lolth or Lolth-like Drow.

- The sim does have them, but they are never around.

- The sim does have them, but their roleplay hours are different from mine.


Does anyone know of a sim out there which has Lolth (or Lolth-like) Drow who are active, and where some of them are (even if only sometimes) online between 12 AM - 3 PM SLT and/or 5 PM - 6:30 PM SLT (I know viewer times are different for people in Europe; I am speaking of U.S. viewer times) on weekdays?


Any tips would be appreciated.

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Many years ago I started playing EverQuest; I had a High Elf paladin as my first toon.  Once I was high enough level to go out and explore the world I occasionally hunted the Dark Elf guards at the bridge in Nektulos Forest.

One time I was sitting there, waiting for the two guards to respawn when another player, a dangerous-looking Dark Elf shadowknight walked up, looked at me for a moment and then demanded "What are you doing in my forest?"

Scared the daylights out of me.  :smileysurprised:

Needless to say I turned tail, ran and didn't go back there for a long, long time.  But it also wasn't long before I mothballed the paladin and made my own Dark Elf shadowknight, crossing over to the evil side and never once looking back.  Over time she became my new main and my personality, letting myself go to be as evil, and spiteful, and self-serving as I wanted to be.


Changing into a Drow skin and gearing up in SL is a nice change of pace and lets me fall into that comfortable role once in a while... I don't think it would be as easy in any other skin.

( I have nothing useful to add, I'm just in a reminiscing mood this evening. :smileytongue:  )

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I've found this too,  there are a lot of fantasy sims in sl but none really include the underdark.  You will find drow hanging out in a taven or in the woods with no real concern for being above ground.  Maybe its about balencing the sim races as more live above gound than below.  The only think I can think of and have done my self is create a drow house for your self and put it in a skybox and invite over drow to join.  Only problem is there are very few people who wanna play drow in sl :(    

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Who doesn't love a good necro thread?

I've seen the same. A lot of fantasy sims are a little homogonized. I play a Lloth following drow on Mystic Fantasies RP sim. Yes, there are some drow here who -don't- but there are plenty who do. Quite honestly it's the only place I've found that has that. 


Best of luck to you, and I hope you find a good home!

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