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Custom Mesh Builder for Hire (High Quality, Low Land Impact)

Syle Devin

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Images of previous meshes created are at the end of this post.



I am a mesh builder looking to help you accomplish your goals in Second Life. This can be done from creating meshes for a business to furnishing a house and even making your most imaginative ideas become reality. I try to keep my meshes high quality with low land impact. This is done through good texturing and experience with importing. I also have a limited knowledge of scripting that I can use to make your meshes interactive. Ask me about your project to find out if I am able to do what you want. I have 5 years mesh creation experience that I want to share with you! Contact me today about how I can help your project become reality!


Below is a list of prices to let you know what the project might cost. The prices are based on the amount of time a mesh might take to be created.Because each project is different prices can fluctuate depending on amount of meshes and complexity. Contact me today, information below, to find out a price quote for your project. (Contact Info Below)


If you are thinking my prices are high compared to SL standards remember I am spending actual time to put care and quality into meshes for you. You can be sure that you are getting high quality meshes and textures. I try to keep my prices low and will not cheat or over charge you, ever.



• Buildings ( L$ 50,000 to 100,000 ) approx 10 to 20 hours of work

 - Houses, apartments, offices, coffee houses and more!

• Furniture ( L$ 15,000 or More ) approx 6 hours or more depending on complexity

 - Chairs, couches, garden furniture, tables, full room sets (living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.) and anything inbetween.

• Small and Large Props ( L$ 15,000 or More ) At least 6 hours or more depending on complexity

 -  I can create anything else that you can imagine up. 

• Single or Multiple Sim Builds ( L$ 100,000 to 200,000 or more) At least 1 month or more depending on amount of objects

 -  Full themed Sims with multiple meshes, buildings, furniture, and more.

I do not create mesh clothing or rigged avatars.

I ask for 50% of the cost up front for uploads



All meshes come with Copy and Mod permissions. If you are looking to sell the meshes contact me and we can discuss possibilities.

If you have any other questions or comments contact me today! Want a a Price Quote? Send me an IM, a Notecard, or leave a message here with your name, purpose of the meshes, mesh description, size, permissions, if you want it unique or if I can sell it)



Inworld: Syle Devin

Email: syledevin@gmail.com


I look forward to hearing from you about how I can help you get what you want.


Thank You!
Syle Devin



Second Life Meshes

Vintag Lunch Box - 2 land impact (scripted to open, close and with sound effects)

Secon life Closed.png

Secon life Open.png



SINGLE BOWLING LANE - 15 land impact

Bowling Lane.jpg


Shipping Truck Packaging - 1 land impact

Mesh Shipping Truck.jpg


Chairs and Couches - 1 Land Impact per chair and couch shown

Mesh Chairs 1.jpg  


Non-Second Life 3D Creations


Tank Post Op No Logo Small.jpg




Giraffe Textured Render.jpg

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I already aam working to create things for the marketplace. I just see a lot of posts in the wanted section for people looking for mesh builders or builder of sorts. I thought i would post my "listing" and see if anyone wanted anything. Plus I've done this before years ago and after a while I got quiet a few people who saw and did end up wanting custom builds. Anyways it does't hurt to have more ways of "advertising" and on top of it I love creating for others.

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I sent you a IM, i am looking for someone who does custom mesh work to do some on the spot jobs, hopefully this also means you make the Texture maps.


when i mean on the spot, it means i send you a request and get it done within a week ( or within a time frame that is reasonable for the job ) and you get paid as soon as i recieve the work. i can pay anywhere from 1L$ to up to 20k L$, however the Payment will coraspond to the difficulty of the work assigned.

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Hi Cythera I am so glad that you posted here. I saw your messages inworld and responded. I also saw you sent a friend request. I had to be away from sl for the moment and hadn't accepted yet. I got logged off and when I logged back in your message was gone. I did not mean to "ignore" you and had full intentions on contact you back I just didn't know who to contact anymore. Glad I know now.  Anyway I wanted to let you know I am interested and will be contacting you inworld if you see this message before I get the chance to message you back.



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Hi KiteHaze. I cannot put a price on those builds I have shown as they are all custom builds for myself. Meaning I did a bit more work than I would need to for any custom builds. I can however give you a couple of blanket estimates. 


Small Props - 6000L+ (e.g.dining set or a tiny shack)

Medium Props - 12,000L+ (e.g. vehicle with an interior ) 

Large Props - 24,000L+ (e.g. buildings and other large scene creations) 


These prices fluxuate depending on time/work. So I can easily give you an estimate to a specific project if you have one in mind.

I hope this helped :)




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