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Beginner Architect - help needed.

nir Aya

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Hello everyone,
Let's get to the point - i design things.
My speciality is houses ,buildings & stores, but i can design cars or whatever ppl ask me to build (In-world offcourse).
The question is how do i sell it? does anyone wants to hire architect? is there's any company who needs my services?

Thanks ;)

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As mentioned, open a Store at Market Place, or, Inworld.


Add information to your Second Life profile.


Join a SL Group, or create your own group.


Place an Inworld classified Ads, and read the wanted Ads from other Residents. The Wanted Ads here at the Forum, are a separate, and additional resource.


Buy Land, and make a display of your work, it could be a photo display, to save on prims.


Rent Land, if you don't want to buy.


Use other Social media sites,to promote your Second Life talent. Link those site in your SL Profile. Remember to use discretion when linking sites, to protect any personal information, which you may not want to share.

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i have created a sote and uploaded an object into.
but i cant active it.
why is that?


BTW when i'm trying to 'list' the object i have uploaded it says: "One or more of the specified products could not be listed."

What is the solution?

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Review Section .4 in the link:



If you need additional assistance, you can create a Question in the link below, to allow for a greater number of Residents to see your question. Include the specifics of your issue, file types, error messages, key words used,( which may be blocked by a Filter).




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I am an architect in RL and enjoy building stuff in SL.  I have been doing it for years in SL and can share the following observations with you.

You are very unlikely to earn a living wage in SL.  Very few people will pay you even minimum wage to build stuff in SL, and there is tons of competition from non-architects and third world countries where people work for almost nothing. There is no easy money to be made in SL these days.

Unless you have a lot of money snd time to invest in creating a lot of really great stuff before you open a large store, your best bet for earning lindens in SL, is to start small and sell your stuff through the marketplace.  Owning enough land where you can display your creations in SL can easily cost much more then any earnings you will have from sales.   If and when you are making enough money selling stuff through the marketplace, then you might consider opening a store in SL where you can display your products.  Start small and grow as your earnings are able to support the expansion of your business.   Learn how to use Builders Buddy scripts (free) or similar building rezzers so you can create a store in SL that rezzes one or two buildings at a time, depending on what your customer wants to look at, so you don't have to afford all of the  prims necessary to display all of your buildings at one time. 

Invest time studying how to build stuff at the Ivory Tower of Primatives, the Particle Laboratory, study basic scripting and texturing.  Learn now to build objects with Sculpt and Mesh.  Builders Brewery has some good classes.  Spend a lot of time exploring and looking at what your competition is building  so you know what is already out there in the marketplace. 

There is a group in SL of real architects that used to be pretty active, even had their own sim, not sure it is any more.  http://world.secondlife.com/group/75e40df1-c2c8-37a5-992c-0cec8aae5197?lang=en-US

They have a blog  http://archsl.wordpress.com/


P.S. this forum is for asking questions about inworld employment.  Go to the proper forum to ask questions about how to build stuff or use the marketplace, etc. etc.








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