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Looking for sim owners to partake in the introduction of NuzzCrew to Second Life

Cameleon Lethecus

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Hello all who have taken the time out to read this post, (you wont be regretful that you did)

I am looking to introduce my music groups brand to Second Life and figured that I would reach out to all you sim owners to get involved. Here is a list of the things I am looking for, if you can provide some or all of them please send me an EMAIL to InovPR@Gmail.com or send me an in world notecard with some basic information about your club, and what you can offer NuzzCrew. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!


-Location to stream NuzzCrew's music

-Stores to host our clothing brand 

-Location space to host live concerts within Second Life

If you can't offer us any of the above, I still encourage you to email me, just include some other things and explain how we could integrate this into the introduction of NuzzCrew's brand to Second Life.


Here is a link to some of NuzzCrew's music if you would like to get a sense for our style:


*If you leave a comment letting us know your from Second Life and what you think of our music you are automatically entered into a drawing for L$5,000. The winner will be announced VIA YouTube video on March 29th. The Video will be posted to the NuzzCrew YouTube page.

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Hello cameleon,

im very glad I read this post!

I do have 2 venues (1/4SIM) and im inviting you in both to schedule events at any time you like!

I am also in the position to offer you a shop but not for permanent.

Please Join these both Groups and then i will replace your tag to:

Artist Role.

Artists who belong to my Groups have the above privileges among others:

Schedule events in the SL Calendar

Change the Music URL

Ban Grievers

Set Landing Point

disable voice on parcel

disable gestures

and of course all the little standard options we do have in every group.

TheMallStreetLogo(1).jpgBEE Real Estate Logo.jpgGretaMallLogo.jpg


Group Links:

The Mall Street Group:


Greta Mall Group:



Google event Calendars:

The Mall Street:


Greta Mall:



Teleport Links:

The Mall Street:


Greta Mall:



Greta Mall logo new123_001.jpg       Xmaseventrosette1223_001_zps52bd4059-1_zps7b514429.jpg



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Hi Cameleon

I am the owner of Hi-Fi Scene. At Hi-Fi Scene (http://slurl.com/secondlife/vilamoura%20beach/86/240/951/) we host numerous genres of DJs and musical talent. On March 24th I will be launching a new facet to the already in place club, unfortunately I cannot divulge the information here but you are more than welcome to message me in-world at your leisure. We currently have two live preformers booked to play bi-weekly and monthly at the club.

As far as hosting your clothing brand, we currently support an indie designer and a sports event. I am not sure what your expectations are for hosting your clothing brand but right now, both of whom we support have signs at the club location.

I am interested in hearing more of your music and possibly catching one of your already booked live shows in-world. Please contact me in-world, hopefully we can help each other out someway.



Trent Tairov

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4001 days.

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