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how do you make a music video

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It's free...well, as long as you have the appropriate copyright permissions to use the music.

This is called "machinima", which is the term for videos made with computer games or virtual worlds like Second Life.

You can take videos of your Second Life screen using a utility like FRAPS.  I find that you can do some very nice "moving camera" shots with the Space Navigator 3D "mouse".  Then you put those video clips into a video editing program.  I use Sony Vegas, but there are many others, including the free Windows "Movie Maker" utility.

You edit the clips together, and you can either use a sound track you recorded as you recorded the clips, or overlay a separate sound track.  You can record narration or voiceover audio clips, too.  Add transitions, titles, and any effects you want (that your video editing software provides).  Save the result as a video file, and post it on YouTube or Facebook.

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