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Gina Chrome

Prudish Desires is a new Adult RP group and location Opening Soon

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Prudish Desires is a roleplaying group based on a couples, families and singles with good old traditional values and morals who are seeking to test out the naughty forbidden sides of life. The setting is very retro, 50s-60s feel and is encouraged, but not mandatory. All members are welcome to live and roleplay here while inviting others. Truly and adult roleplaying sim.

Please note we will be opening in the next day or so. A notice will be sent. At that time, the sim will be closed to the public to avoid unwanted issues. Only those in the group will be able to come to the sim. Everyone in the group has the ability to invite others into the group. To invite someone into our group, please copy and paste to that person's im. secondlife:///app/group/2a391fa9-f1d5-a3ed-184e-c50056022de6/about

As we are getting ready to open, those that need or want housing please contact Gardel or Gina to make the arrangements. Remember, housing is for active rp members only and there is no charge for housing.  

Please consider your role within the community. Doctor, nurse, waitress, teacher, student, housewife, fireman, policeman, or whatever fits in your desires. We welcome everyone. However, we do not allow child avatars.

Please feel free to use group chat for offers of rp or discussion of ideas or even advertise for a maid, butler, tutor or whatever your needs might be.

Our rps can be considered taboo. This is an adult sim and rated as such. Age verification is required.

Any suggestions for the sim is greatly appreciated and welcome.

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