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2.18.2013 Freezing when Loading World at start up

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I was on Second Life just fine, like normal, then when changing an outfit, the hair wouldn't load, so I wanted to try a simple relog. That was 4 hours ago and I still can't log back in! The load screen reaches the final stages of 'Loading World' when it just freezes, making me force quit the application. I have cleared cache, done a complete restart of my modem, checked that all my settings are in order, restarted my computer to make sure it adjusts to the new connection after the restart of my modem, try to log in, and Nope. Very frustrating, and thank God I just paid my inworld rent otherwise All my items in my lovely and elaborate homestead would've been returned. 

I've been in contact with my ISP and they say that my modem is their newest model (and it is, I just got it a 2 months ago) and that I am transmitting the optimal result for my internet service currently. 


So second life users, any ideas?

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