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Are you looking for an easy, wellpaid, steady job in SL? Then THIS is the right post for you!

Lindsay Kocherigin

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It's that time of the year again! AlwaysBella is looking for some new employees! Read the post below to see what this job is about:

Hello everyone, I have noticed a lot of you on this forum are looking for a reliable job on SL. If you aren't interested in hanging down a pole or selling yourself out in SL for lindens, then you are reading the right post.

I am here to inform you of a company I work for called AlwaysBella Ad Agency.

What is AlwaysBella about?
ȯ You will meet friends and have fun while working for us.
╚» AlwaysBella will assure you, that if you do your job well, you can work yourself up and create a steady job for yourself to take care of your land rent, kids, ... !

But, what will I be doing? What is my job?

You will be a board caller. WE have IMMEDIATE openings for MM board callers at the moment!

█ What are board callers?

ȯ A board caller is someone that joins Midnight Mania groups and announces the Midnight Mania boards our merchants currently have on display.

ȯ Never called boards before? Don't even worry about it! You will be trained by one of our experienced board callers to get you right on track!

█ What are the hours like?

ȯ Unlike most jobs in SL, there is NO solid working schedule! (Major plus point!)

ȯ You MUST work a minimum of 7 hours a week (Not much, is it? Since you can choose whenever you work!)

█ What is the pay like?

╚» You get a steady 60L$ per hour you work! You call the MM boards from our clients and you find your avi in a very interesting surrounding. The places you work in are beautiful!

ȯ You can work your way up from being a level 1 caller (7hr/60L$) to a level 2 caller! You will be informed about this when you are in training! Please mind that you MUST do 7 hours, but whenever you feel like doing them during the week!

This is an easysteady job where you will have fun while earning lindens! Nothing better around in SL, believe me, I've checked! Everything else involves doing "nasty" stuff, I know I'm not the only one that isn't interested in that!

█ I am interested... What do I do? 

ȯ Take a trip down to our office (SLURL listed below) and pick up an application by clicking either of the application boards on the wall! Complete this first and drop it back in the middle mailbox on the front desk of our office! This way your application will get to our boss: Isabella Tragonach. You can also contact our manager: Lucky Jules.

Here's where you need to go: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Short%20Beach/234/72/22

█ Anything else I need to know?

Nope, that's about it, simple, isn't it?

Make sure to contact us! This is one of those unique jobs in SL you don't want to miss out on. We only repost for applications a few times in a few months. 

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We  currently have 2  openings with possibily a couple more in the very near future . Here at Always Bella we are family ,and yes training is provided  for the right person ... 7 Hrs a week is the bare min  to work for us  and this is done with no set scheuele ....  Still reading  ? well come on down and drop a app  in the mailbox . We check all apps daily

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4016 days.

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