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Perrie Juran

The Impact Of Server Side Baking

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Phil Deakins wrote:

I can't disagree with anything you wrote, Ceka. The first V2 did just what you said it did, and so on.

I thought so highly of the V3 when it came out that I started a thread in praise of it. After a while they 'improved' it so that I couldn't stay logged in for more than a few seconds - and I wasn't the only one affected by that. But they dealt with it and I use the LL V3 for my main avatar now.

Perhaps the TPVs were slow getting to the V3 because they don't create their own viewers. They modify LL's viewer, that all, and maybe LL didn't release the V3 code so quickly.

i know catznip had a little bit of a jump on the others..

but  it wasn't too long after that the others were on it.. either way..i was glad to see them all going that way..i know they had a lot of time invested in the V2..

so i'm sure that may have had a bit to do with it..but it was cool to see FS use all of them in one viewer that you could change to any interface..

v1 feel or FS or v3..

we're pretty fortunate to have so many to choose from nowadays..

that's the main thing..

where we are now.. =)

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