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Room Mate <3

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SashaParis wrote:


Ok, which part confuses you now?

Isn't it natural that people probably need a few more informations before they jump into something like sharing home with someone?

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Well, it is importing to know about you just like in rl. You could be a crazy serial killer and no one would know, ya know what i mean ? I mean are you male or female ? All the basics. And considering you live in a roleplay community, we need to know which type of roleplay cummunity.


Here's a little guide.

Introduction (Including name and other personal stuff that you like or we need to know about)

Your prefences (So we know what to expect from you)

Hobbys (Just something to have in common i guess.)

Land Owning (How much is your rent ?, how will we split it, is it weekly or monthly?)

Roleplay (What are you interested in Vampires,Humans,Werewolves,Martians...etc)

Contact (Im,PM, or teleport)


You know just the basics.

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