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My e-cards issue desperate for help.


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Dear people i am Swedish citizent who lives in Umeå
I have a trouble of updating my credit cards information, which i keep getting this kind of message each new attempts "Sorry, Yours payment failed. Please try another payment."

Maybe it was because i keeped changing new credit card numbers informations by using e-card.

for a reason i keep making new registration by changing my credit card information with my e-card with low amount of money limit is to make sure i don't lose highly ammount of money from my orginal bank account.

I do insure you it worked like a charm before and i have been using on other similiar websites.

 I tried to e-mail to this adress ---> support@payments.secondlife.com but i keep getting Delivery "Status Notification (Failure)"

About e-card
e-card from Swedbank is the safe, effective and easy way for cardholders
to shop online, without ever transmitting their actual debit card
details over the Internet. By using an e-card, the cardholder can
eliminate the risks of card fraud and identity theft that result in card
numbers being exposed and potentially compromised.

Swedbank's online banking website, the e-card service means that the
cardholder can generate unique numbers linked to the cardholder's actual
card account. These e-cards are complete with expiry date and signature
panel code (CVV2/CVC2), and can be used in place of real debit card
details while shopping online.

The major card schemes Visa and
MasterCard, do not distinguish between an e-card and a real card number.
e-card payments are authorised and settled in the very same way as real
card payments. The merchant receives their payment and the cardholder
receives their goods and services, while their real debit card details
are never transmitted over the Internet. e-card's from Swedbank can be
used for a single purchase at a specific merchant, or for a recurring
charge such as a subscription service

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Issues with prepaid and gift cards

A common cause of payment method failure is the use of unsupported card types. At this time, the majority of prepaid cards are not compatible with our system, even if they bear the VISA/AMEX/Mastercard logo. This includes cards purchased at retail stores, rechargeable credit cards, and bank-issued check cards.

Problem med kontantkort och presentkort


En vanlig orsak till betalningsmetod misslyckas är användningen av stöds korttyper. Vid denna tid, de flesta kontantkort är inte kompatibla med vårt system, även om de är försedda med VISA / AMEX / Mastercard logotyp. Detta inkluderar kort som köpts i butiker, laddningsbara kreditkort och bank utfärdade kort check.


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The email "support@payments.secondlife.com" is no longer available. All that remains are the billing phone numbers or opening a support case. Beeing in Sweden, there is no toll free number for you. You may want to use Skype to save cost and call the long distance billing support number: 


Your e-card is probably rejected for not being listed as an accepted payment method by Linden Lab. You may want to check with Paypal in Sweden if you could link this card to a Paypal account. If it is possible, then you would be able to use Paypal for your Second Life account. 


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I see that Swedbank offer a product called Debit Card Plus.   While I'm not familiar with the particular product, one of the selling points is that it can be used abroad and to pay for flights, so I suspect it should be acceptable to LL.

There are two kinds of debit card.   One won't allow you to become overdrawn (or possibly exceed your credit limit), so the merchant has to check with the card issuer before the transaction is authorised.    That's not usually possible with international online transactions.  

The other kind guarantee payment up to a certain amount, whether or not there's funds available.   It's this second kind you will normally need for internet transations, at least with a merchant based in another country.

ETA  The page to which I linked  keeps defaulting to Estonian for no reason I can understand.   There's an "English" button at the top, though.

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