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Hiring for the Military base for our Roleplay Town!

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If you are interested in joining the Military base in our Roleplay town, Down below is an application that you need to fill out.  If you have any questions please contact xxhotmommaxx or nicker.eastwood.  We are more then happy to answer any questions that you have. I hope to hear from you soon!



205th infantry Contract and Application

On behalf of the Colonel easterwood  I welcome you to the finest army experience available in Second life. This will serve as a contract putting your name on signifies that you understand and agree what your responsibility as a recruit  is.

I () understand that as a recruit with the 2/5th army I am committing myself to this branch of Military forces. If for any reason I choose to leave without consulting with my chain of command it will result in dishonorable discharge from the Marines and any other Military force associated with the sim. I (name here) also agree to respond to all notices and if for any reason I cannot make it I will contact my chain of command and inform them of why I cannot make any scheduled meetings, classes, PT ect. Also to respect those Marines that have served our country and died for our freedom Avatar Name: RL Veteran (y or n): Avatar Age: Job you are applying for: Can you and do you like RP: Can you dedicate 5 hours a week to the 205th infantry: Do you have experience with VICE Combat:: List the VICE Weapons or Vehicles you own:    SL EXPERIENCE IN THE SERVICE: 

Again I would like to welcome you to the army and we as a unit promise that this will be a great experience and will give and show you the same respect and commitment that you show us.                                                                                       Colonel easterwood


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