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Can you write product descriptions? We need you!

Mila Edelman

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OLD TIME PRIMS is currently seeking an experienced writer for product descriptions.

Why don't we do our own? The answer is simple. Since we designed and created the products, we tend to write far too technically, and include talking points that are utterly irrelevant to our customers.

So, we need someone to write product descriptions that will be included on our website, on the marketplace, and in our newsletter (for each product, the same is used for all three, per product). You need not be extremely familiar with fashion history--we will provide that relevant info when we send you a request for a write-up.

Background: OLD TIME PRIMS is one of the largest designers of vintage clothing in Second Life, focusing primarily on the 1920's through 1959 (though, you know the creative types--we may branch further into different areas if the mood strikes). We have been in business since the spring of 2007. Our standards for both our products and the accompanying descriptions are top-notch. To view all previous writings, visit our website at http://www.oldtimeprims.com/.

Compensation: L$500 per write-up, PLUS a fatpack of any product you will be doing write-ups for. If the product is for a gender you are not, we will be happy to send the fatpack to a friend. The goal in sending you the product, though, is so that you can try it on yourself (or have someone try it on for you), so that you can see what it really looks like. Of course, afterwards, they're yours to keep!

Time to completion: We work at a fast pace, when we're launching, because there's a lot to do! Write-ups need to be completed within 4 days of request. We have specific times that we like to launch, so this is critical.

Frequency: We tend to launch products in bigger sets, so, we may require three or four write-ups very quickly, and then none for weeks at a time. But, when we need you, we need you!

Technical Requirements: E-mail and Skype--we will need to be able to communicate via e-mail and Skype, as we will need to be able to send you the completed marketing materials. We may also need to have brief chats on Skype regarding the products. I do not mind if you use an e-mail and Skype account for SL only--I don't need to have your personal accounts. Regardless, you do need to have both, however that may be. Any personal, real-life information that becomes known to us through the course of your work will remain confidential (as must ours). We have no interest in blabbing to the world about who you really are.

Interested? Send a notecard (notecards ONLY) to Mila Edelman, with at least three samples of your work (they can be mock samples). See our website for samples of how we typically accept product descriptions. English need not be your first langauge, but you do need to speak it fluently. Spelling, grammar and punctuality are extremely important!

Best of luck!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4040 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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