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Naked Landlady Rentals Parcels

Jacki Silverfall

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Naked Landlady Rentals

Established in 2005 we are a very experienced and professional company with over 200 tenants and a staff of 10 to assist you 24-7. Unlike a lot of businesses we have been stable and consistent with our pricing and NEVER raise a price, so rest assured we have your best interest in mind.


We have land ranging from full sims to 2048sqm parcels and we offer competitive rates and exceptional customer service. We offer commercial and residential parcels.

We also have a policy that most breedable animals are welcome (some restrictions apply).

All listings are available in Lyndsay Carson’s profile under the classified tab they include price, size, prim count and a direct TP to the parcel.

All full Sims and Homestead Sims come with full estate manager rights. All other parcels have terraforming so you can make your land look the way YOU want it!


We pay for referrals! That’s right, if you rent from us and recommend a friend who becomes a tenant then we will pay you for your referral! For more information please contact one of the staff. Referral fees are for new tenants only.


Current listings available.


2288sqm – Diamond Paradise – 523 Prims, 850 Per week. Residential



3344 sqm  - Phoenix Enlighted- 765 Prims, 1250L Per week. Residential



3392 sqm – Phoenix Enlightened – 776 Prims, 1250L Per week. Residential



3840 sqm – Faithful Paradise – 878 Prims, 1350L Per week. Residential



5616 sqm – Diamond Paradise – 1285 Prims, 1850L Per week . Residential


6128 sqm – Sunbeam – 1402 Prims, 2150L Per week. Residential



6512 sqm – Bounty Bay – 1490 Prims, 2200L Per week. Residential



8176 sqm – Diamond Paradise – 1871 Prims, 2800L Per week. Residential



8192 sqm – Diamond Paradise – 1875 Prims, 2700L Per week. Residential



8192 sqm – Phoenix Twilight – 1875 Prims, 2700L Per week. Residential



10752 sqm – Sparkle Paradise – 2460 Prims, 3500L Per week. Residential



11648 sqm – Phoenix Unleashed – 2666Prims, 3700L Per week. Residential




Our Staff;

Lyndsay Carson  Owner/CEO,

Agents; Synnamon Brandi, Lexis Bailey, Jacki Silverfall, SerenityDreams Destiny.



Marketplace link https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/61435?id=61435

Look for us on the web! http://www.hippo-tech-sl.com/rentalsfinder/?C=Nakedlandladyrentals


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4127 days.

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