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Donivan Blackrain

Gentleman seeking lady for close friendship

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Hi, I have a small family who I adore, a nice estate that's private and peaceful, great sims I enjoy exploring and frequenting, yet...when my family has logged off I find myself with a void. I need a woman to share some of my time with. I am NOT seeking to get married - been there, endured that.  I also DON'T  want to date because that can come with its overbearing expectations as well.

what i would like:

A female FRIEND who i can cuddle, explore, talk with. Preferably one who has a medieval or fantasy themed character - but i am not strictly into this. A woman who is mature and won't be firing off gestures every 5 seconds. Someone I can introduce to my family - i don't want our friendship to be  a secret. And of course intimacy, but I'd like us to take our time getting to that point. THIS IS FOR SL ONLY.

What she can expect from me:

A true friend, a protector when she needs it, loyalty (i need only 1 woman), my attention, my devotion, my ear to listen and my shoulder to lean on. My time - we can spend it in any way: dancing, talking, cuddling at home by a fire, on the beach, exploring...and when we're ready - passion.

Send me a message..let's talk



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 You really sound like a wonderful guy. And someone will be lucky to be that one woman you need


I am new here and find when my few friends are offline I get lonesome. I'm not a wild thing that would


Go with just anyone. Not into sexual things with just anyone at anytime. I love to dance, cuddle. So many things


One can do in SL. I too do not want a relationship out of SL. Best of luck with finding that one woman.


She will be very lucky to have your time and attention.





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