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Into the Blue seeks host(ess) for Immediate Opportunity


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We are recruiting for our client Into the blue, are you the Host/Hostess we are looking for?

Position type: Permanent
Salary: 50L$ p/h, 100% tips
Working hours: Varies.
Working days: Varies.

Job Description:
The term host(ess) is most often used to describe a presenter for an event. The host(ess) primarily attentive conversation, mass invite and entertain the visitors.

Primary tasks:
- Greet customers.
- Answer questions.
- Provide courteous & efficient customer service to guests.
- Support your team.
- Efficiently complete team duties.
- checking guests they joined our group upon their departure.
- Keep track of the people.
- Make sure that people are directed to various parts.
- Theme picking and plan the rest of the party around the theme.

Skills needed:
- Communication Skills, voice is a plus: Hosting duties require plenty of communication, whether a host or hostess is talking with co-workers, employers or guests. Thus, a person must know how to effectively express ideas, maintain discussions and provide directions. This means the individual must know how to speak clearly so that guests and co-workers can understand and provides answers to conveys concise information. For example, when a guest asks about the rules, the host or hostess should provide information that is clear and understandable.

- Multi-tasking, Adapting and Organizing: A hostess or host must have good multi-tasking skills. A major part of hosting duties involves performing more than one task at a time. For instance, a host greets guests. Therefore, a person should know how to juggle multiple tasks at once. Since hosting involves constant requests from guests and changes like a dj not playing a requested song, the individual needs adapting and organizational skills. This means that tasks such as guests' requests and emergencies are placed before any nonessential tasks.

- Attention to Detail: Paying attention to details can mean the difference between everything running smoothly and guests having an unsatisfactory experience. Thus, hosting requires paying attention to details---even the smallest details, because guests may notice them. Thus, a host or hostess must have the skill of paying attention.

- Customer Service Skills: Hosting involves working with the public. So a host or hostess must be comfortable with interacting with guests. Also, hosting requires customer service skills. For example, the individual must know how to effectively listen to guests, whether they are complaining or happy about the service. If guests are complaining, the host or hostess must be able to listen and resolve the problem---even if it is apologizing for something that a co-worker did.

- 60 days old.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4141 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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