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cant run SL after installing windows 8


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kellyjoanne wrote:

hi all. i have upgraded from windows 7 to 8 and cant load SL. i have this message now ...

Second Life is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware. please make sure you have the latest vidoe card drivers

Try updating your video card drivers?

Any ideas ... i have a desktop pc running 7 but i pressume all my clothes etc wont appear as they are stored on the other pc

Your inventory is not stored on your PC.



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There are many threads on this topic. Such as these:


And, if you use another computer, no, your inventory will not be unavailable. It is not stored on your PC but on Linden Lab servers. You can connect from whatever computer in any place and still have access to your clothes, friends list, LMs etc. See this blog for an excellent demonstration:


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First, if you ran the Windows 8 Update rather than a Clean Install then do this first:

Perform a clean install of SecondLife


Here is the Windows 8 Manual System File cleanup procedure since it's not in the procedure above.


Windows 8

  1. Using File Explorer -> Libraries / Computer / ( C: ) / Users / <username>
  2. Press the Continue button to get permission to obtain permanent permission edit this directory.
  3. From the View drop-down menu option select Options & Change Folder & Search Options
  4. Select the View Tab
  5. Under the Hidden Files and  Folders options click on the - O Show hidden files, folders & Drives radio button
  6. Push the Apply Button then the OK button.
  7. Open C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local and delete the contents of your Temp folder and the SecondLife folder.
  8. Uninstall Second Life using the Programs and Features tool in the Windows Control Panel.
  9. Download and install the latest release of the Second Life Viewer from http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/.

Let us know if this does the trick!


Please update your question as follows with any status:

Select the Options drop-down menu to the right of your question and select Edit Question.


In response to Kelly's Status Update:

Please give us the Make and Model of your PC & Graphics Card.

Generally when you see that issue with the GC not being installed correctly, it means that the driver was not a Win 7 / Win 8 certified release. With the make and model of our PC & GC I can advise you further. You may need to install an earlier driver release that has the MSQW certification to get past this error.


Additional Important Advise:

I'm cruising along on Windows 8 Professional using the LL SecondLife viewer with no issues at all.

As all have said before and I repeat:

1) Make sure to manually run Windows Update over and over until no more Important & Recommended updates & patches are found  [this process alone resolves so many issues with new installs of Windows 8 & SL]

2) Install the latest driver for your PCs Graphics Card / Chip system. Make sure that the Driver Download specifies Windows 8 Certified.

You'll need to launch SL using the Desktop function/feature for best results.


The fact that you are also having this issue on a previously working Windows 7 PC is a quandary! What did you change on the Windows 7 PC? - Suggestion, do a System Restore to the earlier configuration.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3657 days.

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