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Where can I find really realistic skins, shapes, and hair?


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I found a few but I would really like your input. Price doesnt matter unless its OUTRAGEOUS but just give me a list of shops/names that sell these products that are really high quality. Thank you! **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/html/assets/emoticons/mattemotes/bashful_cute_2.png" border="0" alt=":matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:" title="" />

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Be more specific? I don't even know what gender you look for. Is it realistic as aged, and/or do you want visible pores, birthmarks and such? European, asian, african? Should the shapes be thin, fat or muscular? Hair, do you mean hair as in boring, flat, thin hair? Or balding? Most SL hair looks like you come straight from the hairdresser, that is true.

Quality is individual, what I find good is perhaps not your style at all.

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My current skin is LAQ, which I recommend.  YOu also might check Dutch Touch and Redgrave.  These places probably have shapes, too, though quality in shapes is more subjective.  I strongly recommend buying only modifiable shapes.  You may well from time to time decide that something should be a little different.  If, for example, you just want your height to be a little different, you probably want to otherwise still look the same.  Your shape has much more to do with defining your features than your skin.

Browse strawberrysingh.com for ideas, too.

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The Body Co. is one of my favorite places for skins. They have both male and female ones. They're a bit pricey now, but they really are wonderful skins, but it's up to you whether or not you'll think they're worth the pricetag ($1500L for a female skin, last time I checked. I paid $1100L when I bought mine from there though).

Although I just remembered they are currently having a huge new years sale right now at their location at The Warehouse, and all skins are $500L. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/theWarehouse/188/123/2003 
The sale ends on the 31st though.

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Well - not sure what you are looking for exactly but -

This one is probably more realistic to the real Second Life residents than the supermodel avatars  ;)


Tuty's also has an AO for old woman or old man to go with it. It can be fun to play a 'character actor' part in Second Life instead of the 'leading lady' or 'leading man.' (Tuty's also has a store in world.)

Also, Baiastice (store) has a full 'granny avatar' with wardrobe available somewhere near one of its entrances, for 1 $L. (In world.)

Here is a very similar version of Baiastice's free granny avatar from Tuty's. If you look at the photos at bottom of that page you will see other ones including males.


This elderly Greek gentleman looks interesting.


This one is also interesting or different.


And she is realistic with a non supermodel face and body too.


This marketplace store page seems to offer many 'realistic skins' for avatars (all ages.)


Here is a more 'middle aged' lady and the store has other choices too. (Click 'visit the store' on the page.)


He looks like a character from a Richard Pryor comedic routine.


This is a free demo of this skin. I don't know how much the real price is. The shape makes him look young but you could  use this skin to make a professorial type of avatar (something I see requested in SL forums fairly often.)


TrickSie Anderton's marketplace store has many, many 'everyday people' avatars. You get a full avatar. Looks like they have a SL store too, if you search their name.


From TrickSie's shop, this person could be anyone's neighbor.


I love this avatar.


And even though you gave no age, race or gender parameters; in case anyone reading this wanted to go the old person route here is a cane and walker AO (kind of meant as a joke according to the ad.)


If you want more ideas, post again with parameters. Good luck.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4106 days.

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