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I want a sugar daddy please :0)

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After all my time here in SL I think to myself...is there someone who wants to be my sugar daddy???

I made many experiences and had ups and downs...got hurt and also had much fun but now I think I want to enjoy the nice sides of SL more.

In the past I cared always for others now I want a man that cares only for me.

I am bored of all the horse breeding and working in my shop.For the past weeks and months I was only in SL for working, no fun at all!

Now I am longing for joy and happiness and I want to share my SL with someone who wants the same thing.

This is a call to all the lonely men here.
Find me inworld or respond here.

Thank you :0)

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Syo Emerald wrote:

I always wondered if the term sugar daddy isn't just a nicer way to search for a long term customer for escort services :smileyembarrassed:

I believe it is. 

And besides from ladies who are getting gifts from those people, I have never heard a single nice word about them.

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No worries ladies!I am not an escort and I will never be.I only felt kind f a sugar mummy for most of all my ex boyfriends here except one.And strange as it sounds with him I had the most pixel fun...lol.I guess I could not play the role as a slave good cause I have my own head and men feel that.Had a bad day yesterday night and thought about starting this thread.Not a single man contacted me so I guess they know why...haha.

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I wasn't thinking that you could be an escort or want to be one. I just always had this impression when I read about the whole sugar daddy thing. And looking at the groups dealing with the topic highly supports this idea in some way.

What you need Sonja, is a real man. An independent one who earns his own money and own hobbys and interests. Hard to find a man that fits, but don't give up. There are rarly people who respond on threads like this, I guess.

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"I always thought of a sugardaddy as a pimp."


Same here...although now it seems to have spread to include all male companions, my mind still races back to the older, more tasteless, meaning behind "sugar daddy."


Sonja and Jennifer, with the risk of sounding sentimental, I recommend simply continuing to wait -- eventually a man will come forward, whether from this thread or another source. Some men -- I fall into this category -- have had chaotic instances in the past with a partner, and are still recovering and are not yet ready to search for another one. Others simply want escorts, and they are not the kind you would want.


I wish you both best of luck.

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actually.. in most cases.. a sugar daddy just wants to spend time with a woman, and take care of her.. the majority of the sugar daddies that i have read about are not into the sex aspect by actually "get off" on making a woman feel like a princess, or a queen. alot of the times, they do NOT have sex with their.. princesses.. so the "escort" or "pimp" idea is pretty much not in play.

i ma not saying that it doesn't happen but, i think it is a 50/50 thing now.

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I was joking. And eventually they do want want something in return, rather its your time or something more personal, like why would they spend so much money on a girl they hardly know just for no reason ? They are either really lonely and take care of you because they need someone around, clingyness. They either want you to do something for them in return of them taking care of you. Or just really want a female to show off. Even if they just want to stare at you, its always something. .

Nobody will take care of you for no reason.

Personally, i would rather a close friend who helps me with my finical needs.  Your partially right though it isn't like that all the time but given the term ''sugardaddy'' its more than 80% of the time.


Other People on the topic:

Older males are in their money making prime And young women are in their money needing prime and beauty prime. These three primes often converge creating the secret underground "older man being financially generous to beautiful younger woman" situation.


A man who provides money or other favors in exchange for sexual relations.
A man (usually older and well-off) who financially supports a younger woman (or man) in exchange for sex and companionship.
An older man who is able to gain a younger woman by having lots of cash and assets. The younger woman is known as a 'gold digger'.

A sugar daddy is generally being used by the 'gold-digger' for his house, cars and clothes money.
A lonely, desparate, usually but not always older man who has nothing else going for him except money, so he uses money and expensive gifts to attract women, who are usually but not alway younger and have little going for themselves with the exception of their appearance, and with little skills or ambition, often don't have many other options besides minimum wage, exotic dancing, or outright prostitution. It's essentially a legal and somehow more socially accepted version of prostitution, since the woman would have nothing to do with the man if he didn't have money to buy the expensive gifts and forgo any type of true love based on attraction or personality or dignity to do so. Also see his usual companion.






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well YEAH.. i did say that.. comapanionship is normally what they want.

just because you are "with someone" doesn't mean you have to have SEX.

i have been in sl alot longer then my rez date suggests and i have NEVER had sex in sl.

no sex chat, no nada.. ok, i  have taken photos that may suggest otherwise but, i know the truth and so does the person in the photos with me.. (normally it is MY male alt and i lol).

companionship doesn't always mean sex.

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Sugar Daddy Chef.pngNever fear Sonja!  I'm baking you a fantastic Sugar Daddy from scratch (although it's probably much easier to simply buy them like Mr Nightfire... Brilliant move Drake).

If I can reach this strainer here I'll be able to drain off most of the Jack-***ery typically associated with those fellows and you should really enjoy your Daddy then (I'll take care not to wash away the sugary sweetness).

Please forgive me if I sneak a taste of your treat... They're certainly not my favorite, but occasionally they can be oh soooo mmm mmm good.... but don't tell anyone I shared that with you.

Enjoy Yourself and your tasty treat!


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2931 days.

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