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For the Creative Residents who Come to Secondlife


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i know people make so many wonderful things on here as I see them on Marketplace and inworld at friends homes.   i know many are aritst or just great decorators.  Some are musicians, writers, and poets.   I wanted to try a thread for people to pose anything they create or assemble or build.  No rules.  

Some things that come to mind.

1. Your new home you set up

2. A gorgeous picture you took

3. A shirt you made

4. A poem you wrote

5. An idtem you made

6. A song you wrote

7. Something cool you thought of

8. The way you arranged some prims

9. A texture you made that your proud of

10.  Anything Anything Anything on the creative side


To kick this off,  heres a poem I wrote for a friend who needs to eat to make sure her baby is healthy.    It has a rythem if you sort of sing read the poem and watch the commas.  Tell me what you think????? good or bad :).

I wrote it as if she was the author.


The Family Recipe,  by NealCrz (Her Perspective)


Today I awoke feeling a hole in my tummy

and wondered,

what it's like to be a mommy?


How does one prepare for such a treasured love?

and how does the miracle happen; and, from where,  above?


I turned to a source thats the bible of all things good

a cookbook, a treasure given me,  that so easy, I under---stood


To my surprise the ingredients where simple

and a big smile came on my face, showing my dimple


Step one was the funniest and I let out a Horray!

Eat once, twice, thrice, even four, and five times a day


Step 2  was more fun than the prior instructions

and I hadn't considered the fun of such an introductions


Find a man, a hero,  who's heart is strong and full of Joy

I danced and sang as i knew I had already found my boy


Step 3  Made me Laugh from my belly and even giggle

"Wiggle young maiden, for your man, and  snuggle sninggle"


Let love flow between you like two peas on a pod

La la,  ha ha, woooo ooooo, don't stop! oh my god!



Step 4 the final step, was joyous and happy

Love your baby, and and care for his or her pappy


So I ended the day with a new lesson learned

and reflected and wrote of my thoughts uncon-cerned


As I know how to eat, to love, and to play!

I just have to try and make a great day


With love


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Oh I think I'll like this thread :D

Where you mention eating five times a day made me kind of hungry, so here is a poem I wrote about bacon. Wrote it awhile back for a RP thing :P

"Everyone loves bacon,
But if your bacon is taken,
Would you be left shaken?"

"If your bacon was taken,
Would you awaken,
From the sleep you were takin'?"

"If you take my bacon,
You have been mistaken,
From the dead I would reawaken,
So that you will be forsaken."

"And my bacon,
Shall be retaken."

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I was very excited when mesh was released to main grid.  I had read about the rigging, I studied it a bit, went ahead learned a bit how to survive in Blender (:matte-motes-sour:).  Then I made a simple rigged mesh miniskirt, imported it to SL.

Amazing, my very first rigged mesh design inside SL.  And succesfully.  Yay!
I was so happy that I made the happy dance.  :matte-motes-big-grin:  :smileywink:


(Unfortunately I haven't had much time to develop myself in this area much further so far.) :smileysad:

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This is a really nice idea, Neal.. very uplifting! :matte-motes-smitten:

I'm going to be watching this topic.. I get so much inspiration from creative people. Poetry inspires much of my creativity and everyday life inspires my poetry.. This poem was inspired by a dream I had last year. I hope it makes you smile..

"High Society Nights"

He's a fascinating animal, so suave and debonair,
He looks like Clark Gable and dances like Astaire;
The ladies all adore him in his white tie and tails,
They all hope to have a chance with this fascinating male.

You'll find him out every night, martini glass in hand,
Jiving at the Savoy to the Benny Goodman Band;
'Jazz babies' dressed in ermine all give him the eye,
They parade past his table with long seductive sighs.

He sees a woman in the crowd dressed in diamonds and mink;
He calls a waiter to his table to order her a drink.
She is a stunning beauty, red lips and platinum hair,
Finger-waves and smoky eyes with an indifferent, sexy stare.

When her drink arrives, the waiter points to him,
With a sulty smile, she runs her finger 'round the rim;
The fascinating animal, now, leads her by the hand
Onto the crowded dance floor and the Benny Goodman Band.

Romance is in the air tonight, you can see it in their eyes;
Dancing cheek to cheek while the band plays a lullaby;
Another night, a different romance in "High Society",
How wonderful to be alive in 1933!

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i had to go to town today. and i went in the art gallery. was this mural/painting: Conversations with a Dog

was about a man and a dog and their conversation. i immediate thought of Dog Linden. it kinda went:


why is there a big hole where my garden used to be? throw the ball

what did you do with my shoe? throw the ball

you not listening are you? throw the ball

i am not happy you know!  throw the ball

why is the world broken? throw the ball

if i had my way i would change that! throw the ball

how did we ever get in this state? throw the ball




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Last poem I wrote was for a meeroos contest, and I think it's their final property, win or lose? So I'm not sure if I can post it here.

I enjoy creatively landscaping, something I can't really do in real life - it's a lot cheaper here plus it doesn't make me sneeze. ;)

So for now here is one pic of that.


And, I think it's creative to try to make someone feel something. So I like to show movies in Second Life. I choose royalty free ones so it is legal. This is the old Uptown cinema I had on G land. I eventually sold that land. This building was by Atom Burma, who made a number of full perm freebie structures and gave them away. I think he is not in SL any more, but how generous is that? Films changed weekly usually. I found the seats for it, and a concession stand and such things for just outside of it, since there wasn't room inside for one. He also made a larger version of this cinema for sale.

Uptown Cinema Halloween SL sm.png

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wow thats some beautiful landscaping and the tree is really cool.  Wonders where I can get one ... lol

The theatre, I often wonder what inspires peopel to do stuff for the general population to enjoy on SL even at their own expense.  And, what your doing allows you to bless people from all over the world, something not possible without SL.


Cool thanks for sharing

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NealCrz wrote:

Very nicely done!  Where you doing clothes with that good of a texturing before?  great job.

Thank you.  This was my very first attempt ever to import clothing item to SL.


Oh, the original texture is not my design.  I found nice pattern in the net.   I used small portion from the original, adjusted it, coloured it differently.  After I applied the texture to the skirt I added some highlights and shadowing to make it look more realistic on the skirt.


So in regard to the texture on the skirt: only the highlighting and shadowing is my work.



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Sonja.. I love it that you use your own art for designing clothing. You have inspired me to do the same :matte-motes-sing:

Coby.. That skirt is devine! I wish I could wrap my head around mesh (<-just think about that phrase for a minute..)..but, Blender put the fear of god in me..it was terrifying :matte-motes-shocked:

16.. your poem was so funny! I'd like to hear "Conversations with a Cat" :cathappy:

I just finished this build a couple of days ago. All my builds turn into old houses..or Pompeiian houses.. always old.

Old house build 1/11/2013

(love the new phototools)


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Loving everyone's creativity! Here's an SL poem I wrote a while back (you can see how long a while by some of the designer references.)


In every club you'll see her,

Standing tall and oh so slim.

She's a hostess, maybe model,

Knows the owner of the sim.

And she'll get your butt ejected

If you don't bend to her whims.

She's the picture of perfection,

From her Truth down to her Moodys,

With her League jeans sitting low enough

To show her Redqueen booty.

She's a pixelated goddess

But inside, there's something wrong,

Because no one ever friends her,

When her clothes are on.


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