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Cheryne Jewell

Precious Hunt - Jan, 15 - Feb. 15

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Precious hunt logo

Miss Jewell Creations
❇ Precious Hunt Jewells are our best friends ❇

WHEN: Tuesday, Jan 15th - Feb 15st 2013


WHAT: The whole purpose of a hunt is to have some fun, meet people, travel the grid, and between collect free precious and original stuff for your inventory.

HUNT PRICE: Theme of this hunt are Jewells or objects inspired by jewells.

You’ll notice the hunt Diamond attached to the panel of the sign (near the landing point), it will be the hidden object at each location you visit.

At each store click on the panel. This will give you a hint (in Local) as to where the Diamond is hidden in that store. Search the store until you find it! (Some you’ll find easily, others will be more challenging!)

When you locate the Diamond, click on it to buy it (it’s free)! You’ll immediately receive a folder containing a great gift from the store, and a landmark to the next store in the hunt.

Go to the next store, click on panel, get a hint, search for it, buy, and so on.... for all the stores in the hunt - there's usually around 35 participating vendors in each of our Precious Hunt. Enjoy seeing the fantastic creativity and imagination of SL vendors!

Happy Hunting!

Cheryne Jewell


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