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Want a Roleplaying female to share your SL home?

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Role playing female, loves RLV.  Uses RDF tracker and also Sassy's Bad Day gear, looking for a place to call home where I won't be lonely.

I am happy to share the rent, so perhaps we could get a better property than otherwise we could afford?

In return you will get PerfectSyn avatar controller object so you can dictate what I wear (from a large - and still growing  - wardrobe!).  Also happy to add to my available clothing  following suggestions.

Interested in playing all sorts of games.

I have excite genitals, ass, and nipples.  Mama Allpa.  Tinkler.

Also own quite a few BDSM objects




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I am quite new at this in virtual, but have a few years behind me in RL. I have been thinking of taking up residence, but my unfamiliarity has made me hold off. If you would be able to put up with me learning the ropes (pun intended) I would be willing to go in on a place. 

Twould seem that I have much to learn here. I am from on eastern time USA so of there is no major time difference, I am sure we could make it work. 

I have played many different styles, so I would go with what you are comfortable with. *shrugs* I used to own a little French Canadian girl that was an **bleep** maniac. 


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