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Yes! We are back in world after a brief intermission in Autumn.
And now we have returned we are looking for new dedicated staff to join us as permanent members of Club Flare!

Firstly a little bit about us. We are a high style club in Second Life offering a unique Second Life clubbing experience. Here at Club Flare the first thing you'll notice is we do not discriminate. At all. EVER!

When I started Club Flare my goal was simple. Music from all over the world, by DJs from all over the world to an audience of avatars that are tall, short, young, old, male, female, even non-human! I wanted this place to be open to everyone to come in, dance, enjoy great music with open minded and friendly avatars alike!

This mission seems simple but let me tell you it is far from! Being a shorty in Second Life I'm affiliated not by choice mostly with the children of Second Life, this I have no problem but I've experience that a lot of Clubs I chose to go to had a policy which excluded me so I couldn't enjoy the music or the company as I had planned.

So my solution to this was something me and my best friend, sister from America and partner in crime Gabrielle Cobalt had decided to do along time ago which was open our own club. And since Club Flares opening back in August it has caught the eye of a wonderful crowd! Club Flare has been featured in Second Life magazine 'The Best of Second Life' and you can check out the article as written by Jee Crazyboi in the October 2012 issue on pages 244-247.


Now to the hiring of you! (hopefully)! 

We are ready to reopen, the website is done, the venue has been built! We are on the Second Life destination guide and I'm constantly telling people about Club Flare, we just lack one important factor. The DJs and the Hosts!

DJs are important as they give people who enter the club someone to enjoy and interact with. Club Hosts also help keep the vibe of Club Flare an upbeat and exciting place! So I am hiring both DJ's and Hosts.

Club Hosts get 100% tips, picture on the staff page and an @clubflare.co.uk email after 4 months of service.
To apply to be a Club Host click this link here!

To apply to be a Club DJ please read below as their are more technical sides to being a DJ with Club Flare, so read below and click the link below to apply! DJs:

+Dedicated servers are expensive so we make it clear DJs are on a tips only basis but unlike the majority of clubs you keep 100% of the tips and of course I'll stick in a couple hundred if I'm around.

+Club Flare is hosting on it's own server which means we are the only stream on there, which means
unlimited listeners and unlimited kbps upload speed. We recommend 128 kbps as it's easier for the receiver and sender but of course if you mix your own music that HAS TO BE LISTENED TO IN SUPER UBER HIGH QUALITY you can stream it at a massive 320 kbps. One of the joys of having a dedicated server!

+DJ of The Month! This is the big thing Club Flare offers. We reward DJs who are constant with their sets enough to please their audience and get enough votes to be granted DJOTM. This isn't just a title, You also will be rewarded with either L$, Gift cards, Steam Games. The prizes change each month. Awesome Right?

+Free Schedule is something no clubs (that I've ever been to) have offered before, the concept is simple. Instead of you saying "I will DJ this day, between these hours every week" You have the opportunity to book in your times. Each DJ is given an account to the Club Flare radio panel and all you do is log in navigate to the time table, select the day you wish to DJ then next to the time you want click "BOOK SLOT" and on the public time table your name will appear! The Club Flare bot sends notices out to the Club Flare group daily reminding people to check the schedule as you have the power to unbook and change slots each week.
As long as you DJ a 2 hour set (minimum) per week. You are automatically enrolled to DJOTM.

+your.name@clubflare.co.uk Being the nerd I am I love flashy email addresses which say "I belong to something!" and your own @clubflare.co.uk is rewarded to you after 3 months of service. The email address can be used with your smart phone or email client and will be stuck next to your name and picture on the staff page for people to contact you via. 

+Broadcasting to the Real World! Of course we are a Second Life based club but let's say you want to share your music with your Grandma in Poland. Thanks to the dedicated server we broadcast your music straight to clubflare.co.uk which means when you DJ in world, your also DJing to the website for anyone to access and listen to! 

So, interested in being a DJ at Club Flare? Click here!
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3263 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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