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The Chronicles of Xcalibur a 400 Sim Big RPG world! Were looking for partners

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Our goal is to build the biggest Fantasy sim on the grid, consisting of 400 Sims.Each sim will represent a town, all Unique.  For each town there will be a King elected.For example, The King of River-stone. A Peaceful elven community.

But don't think you can be king for ever, if someone challenges the King of a town to a Duel, and He or She loses, that person will take the Crown, and rule! Will you be a Evil king, Crushing the Surrounding sims?


Or a Loved King Or even Queen! Helping the people. But Do you have war tactics? and Rule Multiple Kingdoms!!,


Giving for the first time, People A chance to Experience the full power of good and Evil!!.From Huge city's, to the slums of dark wood.

There are around 50 sims of grassland, Giving RPG Gamers A chance to farm there breedables, in the Lush peaceful shires of Grovenhelm.

From Grand elven castles, to the Dark, Blood stained walls of Demonspire, A Dark kingdom, were the darkest soles lay arrest.

With Great opportunity for fantasy lovers, This project will be magnificent. The first of its kind.A Total RPG World, Estimated to be 20X bigger than Skyrim its self!, A Very successful RPG game.

So.. whether you want to be A peaceful farmer, with your family, happily misreading the Lush Green grass, the Sounds of birds in the distant forest of Barlik, Or A Great king, loved by his people, Siting on your throne In the great Elven halls, looking at your empire, flourish.... Or a Dark Lord. Thirsty for Great power, Planing with his minions, to rule the Grid!......

What Path will you choose?

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Yes i am aware, And yes I do have the funding

Hi Timo, if you get this going it could get a big thing in SL. One 5 cents of advice: Even if you have the money, do start on a smaller level. Start things in beta maybe with 5 to ten regions and experiment with different hud makers and rule mechanisms. 

If you have the resources, also pay to get advice from SL roleplay sim designers that have had succesful RP sims in the past.

You will have only one shot to get such a thing going on a big level and looking on your website and the very little informatoin available I am wondering if you are really there yet. Your biggest risk of failure is that due to too big size you will have too empty (and thus boring) sims. You want to be sure that you have found the right set-up first. If not you seriously risk to burn the money.

I wish you good luck because SL could use an additional level of RP game mechanics.

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I can give you a small idea. Getting so many people in one Roleplay will be hard. People are attached to their own worlds where they have friends. You could ask owners of each roleplay world if they want to move their location into your sim. That mostly will work for dying roleplay sims or for those who are bored and want to see their kingdom faced with another. You could create a land of already tested/working kingdoms. I mean copy every terrain and customize their system to yours. 
I think most of them will decline but you can try :)

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Xfire Computer Services UK,http://www.xfirecomputerservices.co.uk/  Have been given a 5.000.000 EURO Loan to get Xcalibur Live and on the Grid!.  Now its time to shape the Second Life Grid. 


Employment is underway. 

Email: TimothyKing@xfirecomputerservices.co.uk 




Sim Admin/Mod: Pay 12 - 22K USD Per year. 

Sim Sales Rep for Theme Land: Pay 7 - 12K USD Per Year. 

Sim Security: 2 - 9k USD Per year. 


Please Send me your C.V And I will try to get back to you within 2 hours. 


Good Luck!

"Its time to make History"


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