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Gambling in Sl have been so far

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Melita Magic wrote:

16 wrote:

is a rort for the unsuspecting player this who thinks they getting a square deal. so dont play on them


Sounds like rigged gambling to me?

is not even gambling anymore really

is now more like the owners just pick who they want to give other peoples money to and how much. and keep the rest for themselves


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Griffin Ceawlin wrote:

xPx wrote:

... i remember a freind of me who had debts in rl cause gambling in sl, i once met a player who lost more than 60.000$ in 4 years, is that normal?

your friend could probably just as easily have lost that and more in a casino... or at a racetrack... or playing the lottery... etc. in RL.

Thing is though, he didn't, he lost it gambling in SL. Anything else is a moot point!

Games like No Devil, Zingo, Deal or No Deal et al are nothing more than reskinned slot machines. Ceretainly not skill games. Albeit there is a small margin of skill - if you miss a number drawn & don't click the square. However fundimentally, these games essentially pivot on luck and are most certainly a game of chance. Which is exactly what a slot machine is.

Whereas games like Battleship are a truly skill based game. All ships to be found are placed randomly on the playing board. If you pick the correct positions of each ship and locate them all, you win.

No Devil, Zingo et al don't operate like this. Instead, if the corrisponding board numbers are not drawn, no amount of "skill" will change the outcome of these games. Hence by proxy these are gambling games of change - luck.

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