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The Imaginarium


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Steam Punk, Goth, Victorian and maybe a few Vampires. This is primarily a social sim where everyone is welcome. You must join the group to rez objects. Ask any member for an invitation. Rental homes and shops are available from 50 - 799L$ per/wk.

Units for Rent


In the main tower

 1 large entire floor 499L$ per week 150 prims

1 small studio room furnished 50L$ per week 20 prims

1 larger room fully furnished 75L$ per week 20 prims.

 Main Building:


Boat house

Unit 1 and 2 are both semi furnished 699L$  per week and 100 prims.

Upper floor:


Lower Floor:


Gothic Condos

First, second and third floor units costs 150L$ per week with 30 additional prims and are partially furnished. The fourth floor pent house which has a roof access and are partially furnished costs 250L$ per week with 50 additional prims.

Gothic Condos Link:


Dock spaces are available at Isen Fell for 3L$ per prim. No boats of over 100 prims and the boat has to be a realistic size not blocking others from getting through on the water, in other terms it has to fit the dock.




Sky boxes

The Cottage is fully furnished and costs 475L$ per week 50 prims


Unit 1 and Unit 2 fully furnished at Isen Fell 275L$ per week 30 prims


In the dome at Isen Fell there are shops on the first and second floors for rent 499L$ per week with 150 available prims. Matching walls can be installed where the renter wants them if necessary. The shop also gets its own grid wide transporter.

First Floor:


Second Floor:


Above the shops there is a club with 2 floors the second floor is transparent and is 499L$ per week with 100 prims.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3237 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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