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You'll find some great tutorials on You Tube using both Photoshop and GIMP (GIMP is a free program very much like Photoshop). You will need them or something similar to them to create clothing.

It is easy to make clothing using templates for SL, most tutorials start you out with a T-shirt, but, the learning curve is really exponential. Do a google search for even more stuff. You might want to avoid mesh at the beginning although it has wonderful application in SL. I deleted the whole paragraph where I tried to explain why...trust me, learn to paint on the avatar first.

If you enjoy a more personal experience, check events, there are people holding sessions on clothing creation in world almost every weekend.

It's easy to create clothing, you'll soon see why the great designers are just that, great...often the detail that goes into their things can be unbelievable. Once I started making things, I found myself camming in very close to other's things because they were just so beautifully made...you'll get there, for now just enjoy the process


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